The Impossible Task

For this exciting week of design, we had to make a paper cup with no adhesives. We also had to use the design cycle.  The first part of the design cycle was, inquiring and analyzing. For this, we had to analyze what we could, and could not do. Then, I had to develop ideas, for this I made a detailed brainstorm on some ideas that I could test and try.  The next step was to was to create the solution, for this, I tested all of my ideas and tried to see if they worked, if they didn’t I would go back and see what I could improve on and what I did well. I also tried to incorporate a design aspect, so for that, I made a straw and a cap. Plus, I drew on the actual cup. The final step was to evaluate, I took a step back and thought on what I could improve on, then I repeated all of these steps for the second draft.