4 thoughts on “My Design Logo: Feedback

  1. 1. I see contrast in the background colours, they really pop. I see alignment, I see some repetition and I see proximity. You could add more repetitions by adding more details.
    2. Yes! You love horses (and my chewy bars 😉 and you love to break free!

  2. I think you used C.A.R.P. well because I can see the contrast in the white and black as well as the orange and red with the white and black as well (if that made any sense to you at all). The alignment is good and there isn’t much repetition and the proximity between everything looks good.
    I think this logo definitely expresses you as a person because of the horse, the red and orange show that you’re a fierce and bold person, and I overall really like your logo!

  3. I find that red and yellow is a good color. But the black cloud at the bottom is really out there unless you want the black cloud to be a massive part of the logo possibly change color so it blends in more. the way you aligned the words the stars at the end kind of make it look out of place if you got rid of the starts things will look better. The horse is a good idea because it is something you like to do.

  4. I think that this logo has a lot of contrast and is very balanced. The black and white against fiery red makes it feel very real and passionate.
    I think that especially the colours express your fun and loud personality that stands out. The horse is a great way to represent your hobbies and resilience too.

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