In this unit of Robotics, I think that me and my group did good in planning, as well as designing our robot to function the way we actually want it to function, which is a robot that is very creative in its own way, and is designed differently from other robots. I think that me and my group have cooperated well in building the robot, me and Aidan making the robot and Markus filming and also making the video. Our original design was to make a robot that is built to fight so we had added a lot of extra parts around the robot to make the shields that will prevent the robot from falling over (because that the shields are around the robot and is low so that when the robot tilts to the side, the parts will prevent it from falling over). We also had made a short arm or grabber on our robot so that it could be easier to grasp things that are forward but since the extra parts we had added for the shield had blocked the claws from moving down, it makes it really difficult to grab things that are below and also pretty hard to reacher higher since that our robot’s arm is too short. Next time I think that we need to plan more carefully on our arm and how it will work and manage our time betterĀ so that we can add more parts to the arm and make it longer and more capable for multi purposes.