Explain the process of this assignment. *
In this assignment, we were told to make a mashup that would meet a requirement of 3 minutes and also would have 4 songs that would fit our theme. First, before making the mashup and also finding the songs, we had first started the project by making a proposal and also we had researched about the songs we want to do, so for this assignment, I had decided to make a theme of video game mashup/a mashup with a theme of electronics. After researching and also choosing my songs for my project in their first two classes or so, I had downloaded them all and also had put them into my GarageBand project, and had put them into their own sections. Following that, I had gone on to Mr.O’Tole’s music mashup’s “All people doing mashup must watch thingy” and had watched it to know how to make my tempo timing correct. So I had made sure my tempo and also my songs’ timing correct and had adjusted all their volume to the correct volume and had put them in the right order so it would sound good with each other. And after finishing all the editing and also with finishing the entire piece of music, I had put the music that I had created onto my blog.


Discuss your must haves and desirable qualities here… *
In my project, the must have and also the desirable qualities that I had set for myself includes making the mashup with less to no lyrics since I want the mashup to be like a non-lyrics song, which I had achieved in my mashup, I also had wanted my music’s songs to be able to fit well with each other, and also to be able to mix them together with them sounding good. I had also wished my music piece to be 4 minutes long instead of only 3 minutes.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
For this project, I had learned a lot more about making mashups and also a brief idea of how to edit the tempo of the song(s) so that it would be able to sound good with each other. Other than that, I had also learned more than I had previously known and also had gotten more used to in making the volume up and also down so that it will match the other songs in my project.


What challenges did you face and overcome.*
For the challenges that I had needed to face and also overcome, at the beginning of the project, it was kind of difficult finding 4 songs that would be able to sound nice with each other, and also 4 songs that is electronic and would be under 5 minutes in total timing, so for that problem, I had needed to search a lot of times for the songs on youtube. In my project, it was also difficult to fix my songs to the exact timing that it would need to be, for example, it was difficult finding the correct tempo for my songs because of how they constantly have a change in their rhythm and also beats, and because of that, I needed to edit their timing a lot of times.
The things that I could have done better
In this project, even though I had tried my best to make my tempo and also my rhythm according to my other songs and also make the timing correct, I could have put more effort in making the timing correct, instead of editing every single change in my music, I had only edited some parts of each song, next time, I could have edited more of each song and have made the timing better than my correct timing. Other than my timing, I think that I could have done better if I had made the songs more balanced, even though I had tried my best to make the songs fit well with each other, some parts of the song didn’t sound as good as I had wanted to, even though I had tried my best to make them sound good. Next time, I could ask a good music student/the teacher himself to help me with the mashup so that I could have perfected it more.