In this summative, we had worked with a food log that we had recorded from our eating habits over the past week, for this summative, we were told to make a presentation based on two issues that we had in our food log, and we had to find out how the two issues in our food log could impact us socially, economically, or affect us. In the process of completing this task we had first analyzed our food journal to see the two different issues that we had chosen, I had selected my eating habits of over-consuming sugar and salt. After finding our two issues with our food diet, we had started making our action plan, and also planning out everything before we had started researching and also making the presentation. After finishing the action plan and also the research organizer, we had researched for several classes and also finally making the presentation. In this assessment it was really difficult to find impacts, which consists of the economic impact with salt, and also the environmental impact with sugar, for example, while I was trying to research about the economic importance of salt, it was difficult finding an article that is new and posted around 2017, but the only ones I can find would be from around 2005, so I was having a difficult time finding a reliable source of information about the economic impact with salt, to solve that problem, I had used a site that was provided by our librarian, the web path express so that I would be able to properly find my websites more easily and also find the most relevant ones, and by using it, I was able to find a website that is really reliable. In my atl skills, I have done an adequate job finishing the tasks that I had put on the action plan and finished most of the tasks within the time I have set, however, I had sometimes took longer to complete certain tasks and reflections and have taken it about 1-2 more days before I had completed it. In the end, I think that in this assessment, I have done a good job completing the tasks within the given time in the action plan, however, despite how I have finished the tasks mostly within time, I could have been way more focused and also efficient in finishing my project, and could have done a better job if I had spent my time in class more wisely and talked less to my friends.