In this PE unit, I think that I have used the skills, communicating with others to let them know / to indicate to them what I will be doing next, for example, waving a hand to indicate that I will pass the ball to them (teamwork). I also have said good game/good luck at the beginning of the game to wish them good luck and also when they win or they score, I had usually encouraged them, and says a good job to my team and also my opponent, and if someone is injured or I had by accidentally smacked a ball into them, I would stop to apologize and also make sure they are okay (sportsmanship). In the unit, I had also had told my teammates what to do when they are confused with the game. I think out of all these skills, teamwork had been the most important skill that I could use in my daily life, for example, in daily life, when we are playing sports, or just simply be making/doing something, when me or someone else is in a group, we can help each other when we need help instead of just working alone, and when one of us needs help, we can help each other so that we could help each other when we need help.