Welcome to my community, in here, you could do almost anything you want, except for the agreement that  you have to sign in order to join the community. Everyone will have freedom in this community, there will no no higher ups, and everyone in the community is equal.


People who will be able to have official jobs will have to be at least the age of 16. The jobs that are available right now is going to be is health care, construction planners, government and political jobs, as well as teachers and principle. To apply for other jobs, such as the class of financial and economy is usually applied at  the community center. To apply a job, you have to attend at least 1 University. For each job, you will have to have the IQ to be able to do the job. Each job and the IQ requirement is posted at the community center at the 10th floor.

Voting and choosing

In the community, no one is allowed to make plans for the community, our community officers and officials are going to be chosen by the whole community to make things fair for people. People will select a total of 11 officers and 1 government, and each official have to have at least an IQ of 190. Gender do no matter. Each thing we decide for the community is going to be voted by the council of officials. All council members of the council must approve of the change in order to act it out. If one council member disagree with the plan, a new plan would be made.


Rules are important in our community, each person must obey every single rule or be questioned and contained. In the community, there are 12 rules selected by each of the council members. People must obey the rules or will be punished by being contained in a white chamber, the maximum days of being contained will be a total of 12 days, and if the person made the mistake 3 times. The person’s memory of their crime(s) will be wiped. People who ever is reported of breaking a rule will be questioned by 12 members of the court, the court will question you why, how, or what had caused you to have acted out the crime. If you were confirmed innocent, your record won’t be marked, but if you were confirmed guilty, you will get a red mark and will be transferred to the rest of the 12 members of the court. Our 3 most important rules for our community includes: In rule number one, everyone must NOT shoplift or steal, in rule number 2, people will have to obey every order that is issued by a police, officer, or government (Polices are trained to not order anything other than the appropriate needs).

We welcome to our community and hope you a good time.