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Key Concept: Relationships


  • Read the following text about the Key Concept: Relationships.
  • Consider this concept as you respond to the questions below.


Relationships in science are the connections and associations between properties, forces, objects, and ideas. Any change in a relationship brings consequences — some of which may occur on a small scale, while others may be far-reaching, affecting large systems like human societies and the planet as a whole.


Relationships in sciences indicate the connections found among variables through observation or experimentation. These relationships also can be tested through experimentation. Scientists often search for the connections between form and function.


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Add photos of your prototype, work in progress, and final structure.

What was the goal?


Our Goal is to build a foldable chair that could turn easily into a table when you lean against it, and also make it easy to carry around by making it lighter.


Our project was beach or any place that is a good place for vacation because it would be really convenient to eat and sit on a chair, so you wont need to bring a table and also a chair which will be more annoying to carry around.


We first started by preparing the things and the cardboard building it by first cutting out two long pieces of cardboard that is long and wide enough for anyone to lie down on, then we got another piece of cardboard and cut it out by 3 by 6 to make the legs of the chair, then we repeated that process 3 more times to make the other legs of the chair. After finishing the legs, we had made 2 other legs on the top corners of the chair, to make it able to support the top when the chair is transformed into a table. When we are done preparing, we started piecing them together, first, we taped the seat of the chair to the back of the chair, using tape, then we rolled the chair’s legs into a long-square-rectangle, then taped it together, and did that with the other 5 legs (the chair’s leg and also the 2 table supporters), then we had stuck the legs into the corners. After that, we had tried to get more tape and secure the chair’s taped places to make sure nothing fell apart.


We had made this piece of furniture to give better convenience so that people won’t need to carry a lot of tables and chairs when they are on vacation or another place. We wanted the table-chair to be able to carry things while still be able to turn into a chair when it’s needed.


How did you use science?

What did you learn?

In science class, I had learned how forces work, such as the forces of tension, compression, gravitational forces, air resistance force, etc. I also learned about how structures work and how they support the weight they are carrying, for example, for a triangle, when the weight is put on the peak or the top of the triangle, the sides of the triangle push up while the object or weight is pushing down, for a rectangle, the top of the rectangle take the weight of the object but when the weight of the object is too much, the rectangle’s top curves in and then collapses. I also had learned about how and which beams can carry the most weight and how they are reinforced, for example, if a beam is hollow in the inside, it is not as strong as beams with a corrugated strip of material because that if a beam is hollow, the weight could easily dent the beam and break through it, but if the beam is reinforced with a corrugated strip of material, its harder for the weight to break through because that the reinforcement makes the beam harder to be pushed inward, which makes the beam stronger.

What experiments or tests did you design?

An experiment or test I had designed is an experiment that I had done with the centre of gravity. I had first cut out 3 shapes, a triangle, a square, and also a circle. Then, I had tested the center of gravity by using a piece of string and then putting it on each corner of the shape, letting it dangle for a second, then drawing a line across the place where the string was, then after, I had repeatedly drawn it until each shape has lines intersecting in a single spot, the center of gravity.

How did you use the results?

I had used the results of my project with my chair-table to make sure which seat will be the most comfortable for the person to sit in, and also the most convenient and easiest to carry around.


How did you improve as a learner?

I think that I had improved as a learner because that I had learned more about science and how science works and also I had learned more about each of the subjects we had done, such as building structures, about the beams, the project with the chair, etc. I also had learned about the type of forces and how they work.



Venezuela crisis: Soldier arrested after killing pregnant woman

In Christmas, the government promised to all the Venezuelans that he would distribute pork to the people, but when the people realized that there isn’t enough pork to go around to all the people, protests and riots broke out, and some people even ran toward one of the army units in the capital, Caracas, and because of that, a soldier, David José Rebolledo Cortez, decided to fire upon the protesters. Venezuela’s government, Maduro, claimed that the country of Portugal had “sabotaged” them by not delivering the pork that was meant to be delivered. He had said: ‘They sabotaged us’ And even went on national television and had said that Portugal had rejected them to “thwart” or destabilize their government. Portugal’s government replied that private associations are responsible for the food in exporting. And on Friday, the company, Raporal delivered 50 tonnes of pork legs in trucks to Venezuela.

In the US or LS checker, I had coded it so that people under the age of 11 is in the LS and people about 11 is in the US. I first made 3 components, a text field, a label, and finally, a button. I first connected the two components (the label and the text field) to the view controller and then dragged the button about 3 lines below it, as an action. Then, in the brackets of the button, I did:  if(age <=11) {   and added divisionLabel.text – “You are in the LS” to tell swift that if the age is below 11, then the person that is inserting their name is in the LS, and the program will say: You are in the LS. After that, I did } else { and divisionLabel.text = “You are in the US” which tell the machine if you enter your age is above 11, then the program will display: “You are in the US”.

Welcome to my community, in here, you could do almost anything you want, except for the agreement that  you have to sign in order to join the community. Everyone will have freedom in this community, there will no no higher ups, and everyone in the community is equal.


People who will be able to have official jobs will have to be at least the age of 16. The jobs that are available right now is going to be is health care, construction planners, government and political jobs, as well as teachers and principle. To apply for other jobs, such as the class of financial and economy is usually applied at  the community center. To apply a job, you have to attend at least 1 University. For each job, you will have to have the IQ to be able to do the job. Each job and the IQ requirement is posted at the community center at the 10th floor.

Voting and choosing

In the community, no one is allowed to make plans for the community, our community officers and officials are going to be chosen by the whole community to make things fair for people. People will select a total of 11 officers and 1 government, and each official have to have at least an IQ of 190. Gender do no matter. Each thing we decide for the community is going to be voted by the council of officials. All council members of the council must approve of the change in order to act it out. If one council member disagree with the plan, a new plan would be made.


Rules are important in our community, each person must obey every single rule or be questioned and contained. In the community, there are 12 rules selected by each of the council members. People must obey the rules or will be punished by being contained in a white chamber, the maximum days of being contained will be a total of 12 days, and if the person made the mistake 3 times. The person’s memory of their crime(s) will be wiped. People who ever is reported of breaking a rule will be questioned by 12 members of the court, the court will question you why, how, or what had caused you to have acted out the crime. If you were confirmed innocent, your record won’t be marked, but if you were confirmed guilty, you will get a red mark and will be transferred to the rest of the 12 members of the court. Our 3 most important rules for our community includes: In rule number one, everyone must NOT shoplift or steal, in rule number 2, people will have to obey every order that is issued by a police, officer, or government (Polices are trained to not order anything other than the appropriate needs).

We welcome to our community and hope you a good time.

中文学习目标 SMART Goal Setting
Reflect on different ares of learning and set up your Chinese SMART goal of this school year.
* Required
你叫什么名字? *
 你上几年级? *
Part I: Reflect on your strength, weakness and ATL skills in learning Chinese.
1. 坚持原则Principled:我准时交作业,对自己的行动负责任responsible。 *
Always 一直
2. 善于交流Communicator: 上课的时候,我认真听老师,回答问题。我在中文课上说中文。小组活动的时候,我会听别人,也会和同学交流。 *
Always 一直
3. 勇于尝试Risk-taker: 我是一个喜欢尝试try新的方法的学习者,我也可以用中文做口头报告。 *
Always 一直
4. 探究者 Inquirer: 我常常用不同的方法学习中文语言和文化。我会自己选择问题,做个人探究personal inquiry。 *
Always 一直
5. 及时反思Reflective: 我常常反思自己的学习,用不同的方法学习的好处,会订正correct做错的地方。 *
Always 一直
6. 我觉得我学……学得最好。 *
说中文 Speaking
写中文 Writing
7. 我觉得我学……最难。 *
 写中文字 Writing
 Part II: Set up your SMART goal of learning Chinese this year.
8. 选择一个今年你最想要改进improve的方面。 *
写中文 Writing
9. 根据based on你#8的回答,用一句话(中文)写一写你的中文学习SMART目标 *
我的的中文学习SMART目标学会基本中文单词和学会基本中文子的ping ying。
10. 请具体解释Explain your SMART goal in details. You can write in English. (SMART means: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely) *
Your answer
My smart goal will be achieved and attainable by practicing the Chinese ping ying Chinese online so that I could know how to type the words and pronounce it (vocal).  For learning the Chinese phrases and characters (字) I will go on to the Chinese dictionary (字典) and practice the common radicals first and the mostly used characters of Chinese so that I could grasp the basic understanding of Chinese used in daily life. Each day I have to practice at least 1 hour of Chinese so that I could learn the Chinese quickly and not too slowly.


Demonstrate awareness of the art form studied, including the use of appropriate language.



Demonstrate awareness of the links between the knowledge acquired and artwork created.



Identify an artistic intention.


Through the process of learning Ukulele skills and working through Garageband I learned musical terms/definitions. Discuss. *
The musical term I have learned when using Garageband is tempo, Tempo means the speed a piece of music should be played.


How were your decisions on your final arrangement informed by the formative unit work? *
During class time, I practiced the ukulele and sometimes, sometimes, I recorded my practicing to understand the areas I will need to work on. By doing that, I could improve more and more by correcting the mistakes when listening to the recording. At the beginning of the project, I had to get better at playing the notes and memorizing them, so I had to borrow the note page and practice the notes for one whole class.


Music is communication, music is compromise, music requires discipline, music means collaboration. Discuss. *
Like most people, I did not have a ukelele at home so I have to do the practicing and the ukelele recording at class time, and I also decided to the the singing at home because then I would have more time. After I had watched videos of people playing the notes, I understood how to play them as well, which gave me more time to record at school.


I had a strong artistic direction for my final musical audio recording. Discuss. *
I decided to use the song because I thought that this song reminds people of their past and it also gives people a feeling of nostalgia and longing of their past. I tried to make the piece of music very slow and long so that it would give a sense of sadness. The results I had gotten is decent, I think that I kinda played a bit faster than I have wanted cause of my nervousness, other than that, the results are ok.


I enjoyed this unit very much. My favourite parts were…
The favourite part I have liked abut this unit is how we have to use the garage band to record the music, in the future, I could use the app with ease. I also liked that the ukelele is easy to use and also easy to learn, otherwise, I might have messed up.


 After completing this unit I think that there could be improvements. I feel…
I feel that everything is good and I don’t think that there should be any improvements on this project.


I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over the first music section. Explain… *
After school, after I have finished all of my homework, I always spend my extra time always practicing my trumpet so that I could play each note well and mostly without that much error, because of this, I got better and even better. For dynamics, I experimented with the notes, which places will sound better with loud, powerful notes, and which notes is suppose to be soft and comforting.


I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it! Explain… *
I would think that this piece of music is the best one I had recorded out of my 50 pieces of recordings. This piece is as good as I can get it because after all the recordings, I had listen to all the mistakes I have made in the previous recordings and had understood how to fix all of the mistakes. So for this piece, I basically summed everything up and I tried to correct every single mistake I had made in my previous recordings, this is why I think this is my most successful music piece.
  The right amount
Grade yourself here! *
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy

Paper Airplane


In our design class for US (upper school), we were given a task that requires us to build the “best” paper airplane as the instruction said. In this task, most of the students either interpreted building the best paper airplane as making the designs on the paper airplane the most impressive, to make the airplane the most colorful, or as to make the paper airplane glide the fastest or the farthest. From this assignment, I learned that each student’s airplane has its own purposes and goals, and there for can’t compete against another. For, example, if the student was aiming to have the most decorative airplane, it would be different from another student’s goal if that student was aiming to have the airplane that will go the farthest.

What this taught me about the design circle

In my project with the paper airplanes, I defined our task at folding the “best” airplane as making the airplane glide the farthest rather than making the most colorful airplane or making the design of the airplane the best looking. With that idea, I researched how to make a long, slender, and sharp airplane. The reason I wanted the airplane’s shape to have a sharp tip, a long and a slender shape is so that when the airplane is thrown, the air will pass the airplane instead of colliding with the edges of the airplane, which will cause the speed to abate. After I had researched the airplane with the sturdy build, I decided to add a slight bend to the wings of my airplane to reduce the wingtip vortex so that the airplane won’t flip or crash. Finally, I went out to the hall and tested the paper airplane. The airplane I built was successful at its goal to glide the farthest, which glided to the end of the hall. The paper airplane could have improved if I knew what the best refers to, if the goal was to build the best-looking airplane or another target.

Similar looking images of my paper airplane but without the winglets


My instrument info for grade 7-Trumpet

How to clean a trumpet, and how to put the trumpet together

For cleaning the outer surface, purchase a cleaning piece of cloth and wipe the surface of the trumpet, practically any drops of water that got on to the trumpet and also where you hold the horn. By wiping the surface of the trumpet, it removes any substance that is unwanted and any oil. Next, when washing the trumpet, first disassemble the trumpet by taking the three valves out from the top of the trumpet. Then, take apart all the slides of the trumpet, be careful when disassembling the slides, if they are stuck, don’t pull them out, instead, use gadgets like pliers and other brass tools to remove the slides. When the disassembling is finished, use the case brush to clean the inside of the tubes with soap, and then place the disassembled parts in water for one minute to get rid of the soap. After that, dry the disassembled parts of the trumpet using a towel, and lastly, assemble the trumpet back again the same way you disassemble the trumpet, by replacing the valves and place them in the matching air tubes. Next, connect the 3rd valve of the trumpet with the main tube. Finally, assemble the rest of the parts on to the main connectors.


How to make the sound of the trumpet.

To make the sound of a trumpet, purse your mouse into a w, and then buzz into the trumpet. To make a higher note such as d, e, and f, you need to purse your lips into the thinner line and buzz into the trumpet faster. To make a lower note, you need to relax your lips and make a closed oval and buzz into the trumpet slower.