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Explain which parts of the plan were well designed. Which parts of your plan were you most happy/proud of and why?


I think that we had done well in adding more moves in the freestyle part instead only doing 2 moves, we had added more freestyle moves and also practiced more on the rhythm of the moves ( the reaction speed as well as the matching speed of our moves) and also had done better in space as well as balance, in the video, we had done better in balancing and also have done our spacing well ( balancing while dodging or leaning away from a move ). We had also done well in our speed, we had followed our speed through the entire performance, not going too fast or slow, allowing both of us to follow the performance without trying too hard.

Explain which parts of the plan were not well designed. Which parts of your plan were you not happy with and why?


In the performance, the part that I think that we could have improved on is one following the routine, even though that we had practiced with the routine, we had still not done the Ginga exactly 3 times, but only 2, in the performance, we forgot to do the Ginga before doing the freestyle moves and also in the ending instead of clapping and then doing a cartwheel, we had only just clapped and had not done the cartwheel to roll back to our original sitting positions. I also think that we could have put more into the moves, and could have done the moves a bit more thoroughly ( Doing the moves with a bit more action).

Explain how you would change the plan to improve it. If you were to do it again, what would you change in your plan and why?


Next time, if I were to do it again, I would have changed one of the freestyle moves to make it requires more movement from both of the players based on their body because of how in our performance, some of the freestyle moves requires more strength or movement from Markus that requires him to do a double roll, which he could not have done that fast. I also would have followed the routine in the Ginga and also doing the clapping and also the cartwheel. Other than that, I think that we could have worked on our communication in the moves a bit more because of how in the performance, we had followed each other’s moves, but I think that we could have added some communication in the performance, such as making more eye contact with each other or giving them a notice/reminder of what is going to happen next so that both of the players will be better in rhythm and also movement as well as the synchronization with each other.

In this PE unit, I think that I have used the skills, communicating with others to let them know / to indicate to them what I will be doing next, for example, waving a hand to indicate that I will pass the ball to them (teamwork). I also have said good game/good luck at the beginning of the game to wish them good luck and also when they win or they score, I had usually encouraged them, and says a good job to my team and also my opponent, and if someone is injured or I had by accidentally smacked a ball into them, I would stop to apologize and also make sure they are okay (sportsmanship). In the unit, I had also had told my teammates what to do when they are confused with the game. I think out of all these skills, teamwork had been the most important skill that I could use in my daily life, for example, in daily life, when we are playing sports, or just simply be making/doing something, when me or someone else is in a group, we can help each other when we need help instead of just working alone, and when one of us needs help, we can help each other so that we could help each other when we need help.