Innovation Week

In our innovation week, me and also my partner had decided to make a machine or device that uses already used water and then recycles it by generating it into electricity. Our innovation project/device/machine takes the same logic as a hydro-powered water wheel. It is meant to be put under a sink or in the pipelines under a shower. We had decided to make it because it recycles already used water and transfer it to usable electricity, it is put under a faucet, or a shower pipe so when you are done using the water, the water will go down into the pipes and push a water wheel, and when the water pushes the wheel, it spins the water weel which causes a generator that is put inside it to spin as well, which would collect energy. After the motor had generated the electricity, it would connect to a thin wire which would transfer the energy into an electricity storage and after generating the electricity for a while, you can take the electricity bank and then use it to power certain products, such as using it to charge your phone, use it to cook, and even more things. 

Image result for small motor png

< A prototype of the weel that

we had made using cardboard

The motor that we would use to put into the centre of the weel so that it would generate electricity from the rotation of the water weel   >




In the process of making the prototype and also of building on the idea, we had faced some challenges and also questions about the device that we had to think hard to solve, for example, when making the device, we had not thought out well about how the water weel would be able to collect the electricity, and later we had come up with the idea of putting a motor through it to collect the generated electricity. In the process, we had also had challenges with deciding the size of the water weel, first, we had decided to put it actually inside the pipe, which was a problem because that it would actually clog the water from flowing, so I had decided to make the water weel larger and also make it more work by putting it below a pipe so that the water would flow out of its pipe and then flow onto the water weel, and then, below the water weel, the pipe would continue, collecting the water that is alreay used and transporting it to wherever it goes. But even though with all these problems in the way, we had still been able to solve the problems, I had found this process very fun despite how we had to change our design along the way. If I was given another chance of making the project, I would improve the prototype and also the pitch video we were supposed to make, because that we spend most of our time on making the idea better, we had not focused too much on the pitch video that we were supposed to make, as well as the prototype, so if there was another innovation week, I would try to improve my pitch video and also make it better and also spend more time on the prototype, and make multiple of them.

In the end, I think that we had done a good job making the device, I thought that it was a well thought out idea, even though that we had not won any rewards for this project, I thought that it was a great experience making the project for innovation week, it was really exciting thinking what to make, and also very fun as well as exciting explaining how it works as well as how it would benefit others around the world. Throughout the week, it had been a great experience learning and also creating an idea by ourselves, I think that the innovation week had made collaboration with other people easier, allowing people to work better with each other.