I am a Hongkonger Proposal


I am a Hongkonger Proposal
Group Members and HRs
Melvin, Markus, Vincent
What are your Personal Goals and Intention of this project?
My personal goals are to make a video that will reflect and show what a Hong Kong looks like from my perspective, what represents Hong Kong as well as what it means to be a HongKonger
Hows does this project connect to your English Poem of choice?
In my poem, I have written about the landmarks, the scenery, and the background of Hong Kong. In our video, we will mainly be using the history of Hong Kong, the scenery and what Hong Kong looks like to show what is a HongKonger
Direct link to your poem, or poem text
What are you success criteria?

Must be tangible and measurable… Label this point by point please!

My success criteria are to give the audience a complete view of what represents Hong Kong through hearing, imagery, descriptive words.  
I want to make our video clear to the audience so it won’t be hard to understand while having deeper meanings that are hard to understand.
What materials do you need to complete your project?
To complete this project, we would be needing different images of Hong Kong, agriculture of Hong Kong, other people’s perspective and view of Hong Kong and what it is to be a Hong Konger in other’s eyes.
What equipment will you need to present your project?

(Very important if you are doing a live presentation – we need to organise this in advance!)

Camera, computer.
Artwork will be presented outside the LLAC

All live presentations and videos will be on the LLAC stage.


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