Sounds of CDNIS Reflection

Describe the process of this assignment. 

In the process of this assignment, I had first started making it by going around the school to record sounds that are in and also around the school. When I had recorded the sounds, I had got the first one from the construction site beside our school and is really loud, so I had decided to use that drilling noise to be the rhythm and also to be the base of the music that I was going to make, so I had recorded the sound for 10 seconds so that I can crop it if I need to, and following that, I had recorded other sound in CDNIS, one being a sound from walking down the stairs, another from a piano from the Forum, from the cafeteria on the 12th floor, and also from keyboard typing in class. After recording those sounds, I had started making the music first, and after making those loops and also the music, I had moved the sounds of cDNAs to the correct places in my music, for example, the typing that I had record have been used to be the beats of the music and also for the background because it supports my fast rhythm in my music, I had then put in my drilling sounds in the inclines of my music, such as when the music is going up. For my cafeteria soundtrack, I had used it in my music by putting it and then amplifying it using some GarageBand plugins, such as silververb and exciter, and then using it in different parts of the music and putting it in when the music has a lot of loops mixed in it to make it sound like a music concert. After making and putting all the tracks and also editing them ( using plugins to make them sound different and more fit/effective as a soundtrack in the music ), I had made sure everything was upbeat and also the loops and also the sounds fit with each other. After making sure everything was good, I had proceeded to do my sound screen and also submitting the project on my cdnis blog.


Discuss your CDNIS sounds and how useful they were for your end product. *

In my product, the CDNIS sounds played a huge part and was useful in my end product because of how it made my entire product more realistic and also sounding more synchronized. For example, when I had included the stair sounds in my overall project, it had done a great job acting as the drumbeats. For the typing that I had recorded, it was really useful for the background music and also was useful for supporting my loops and also the fast rhythm that my project had.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. 

In my learning skills and also the new skills acquired, in this project, I had learned more about how the garage band’s plugins work and also how to make the tracks sound less loud and also incline higher. In garage band, when I had added the plugins for my cdnis sounds, I had learned more about how to make the plugins more effective and louder or just only affecting the original sound by a bit. In learning how to make the sound incline faster or decline or just to keep them at a certain level of sound, I had learned to click a so that I can edit the pan, which is where the music mostly play from ( the left or the right ) and also how to make the sounds go higher by changing the line of the original sound and dragging it higher or lower.

What challenges did you face and overcome? *

In doing this project, it was difficult to select the right plugin to make the sounds of cdnis to sound correct and also to be able to fit into my piece, for example, when I had tried to add a plug in to the piano sound that I had originally had, it was difficult to add a plug in to it that would be able to change it so that it will be able to sound right with the entire music. But I had overcome that issue after experimenting and moving the piano recording around and finding a right spot for it to fit in, and also making it sound good and correct with the echoing sound that that part had, I had added an echo type of plugin to make it sound like more of a huge room with a piano playing inside.



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