1. Good job Vincent. I like how you started the song, I really think that you matched the loops quite well, but further on in the song, you started straying away from the initial loops. I think you made it a little inconsistent. Also, you could have worked on the transitions. I did, however, like how you made the song very calm and soothing.

    P.S: next time pls make it shorter

  2. This song had very nice and soothing tunes that made me very relaxed when listening to this song. The notes worked well with each other and the sounds that you chose had a rhythm that fit together really well. Next time try to make the song shorter.

  3. I think it was an interesting choice of loops to put together, it gave an interesting effect. Yet I think that you could have linked the music together better because I think that there were some good things going on, yet they didn’t quite match up.

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