Science – Ecology Unit

Right before break, we finished another unit for science. Overall, I found this unit very fun and interesting. For this Unit, we did a few activities. We had an activity where we had to pick an ecosystem and make a poster talking about it. I think that this activity was interesting because we got to have a lot of creativity while creating the poster. Another activity was also about ecosystems but specifically in Hong Kong. The topic I chose was light pollution because I feel like that was the topic I had the most knowledge on. The last activity was my favourite. We were put into groups and had to create a learning experience for the Grade 4s, There were a lot of topics to chose from and my group picked air pollution to marine life. We decided to do a jeopardy game so we could challenge to grade 4s and also teach them. While doing this unit, we had a quiz, I found that quiz okay because it wasn’t that hard or easy. I was able to explain and understand the questions.