December Response

Responding – December ’19

Scale Warmups/Theory Test/Start of Year
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Kayla Lin
Discuss your practice routines and development on your instrument. *
As I already had past experiences with percussion, every time I practiced I would mainly focus on parts that I am unsure on how to play and figure it out. Another main focus I did was focusing on tempo/time, I practiced to make sure that I do not drag, for example in one of the songs I was a beat late but then I later practiced and figure it out and played it correctly.
How successful were you at your theory test? Discuss the concepts that you did not master. *
For my theory test, I think I was pretty successful. When I was revising, I was scared that I could not remember how melodic and harmonic minors worked and was scared I would #/b the wrong notes. I practiced many many times to make sure that I knew my key signatures, I used the way we were taught to remember all the key signatures and I also used my own way to remember what major those key signatures belong to. In my theory test, I believe I only got one question wrong and it was a careless mistake because right after we looked through it after the test I knew I did that question wrong when I could’ve gotten it correct. But overall, I believe that I did well for my theory test and I hope to improve further beyond that.
What are your strategies to improve results in the subsequent months? *
Even though I have a lot of experience in music, I know that I have a lot of places to improve on. One aspect of music I probably struggle the most on is composing. So composing will definitely I will be focusing on. I also will take the opportunity to train myself in terms of playing skills. That includes practicing more and also challenging myself to play parts that I am unfamiliar with.
How do you show the IB Learner Profile in the music class? *
Looking at the IB learner profile, I show most of it through playing music in class. I show different aspects including risk-taker, in band most of the time I wouldn’t be playing mallets as I focus and am more used to instruments like the drums, but I decided that this year I wanted to focus more on other instruments to help improve my skills even further. I also demonstrate the caring aspect of the IB because when we play our music, I try my best to help others whenever they struggle with their parts. I help them by practicing multiple times as make sure that they understand and are able to play it.

Ukulele – Say You Won’t Let Go

For this music session, we got to pick our own song to play. Here are the statements, mp3 alongside a picture of my song.
What was the inspiration for this song choice? *
 The song I selected was Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur. I am actually a big fan of James and I listen to a lot of his songs. I think my inspiration for this song came from the guitar. I always liked simple acoustic songs. I didn’t end up using the guitar to play it even though I was an option, I think I picked the ukulele since I had experience from the last unit.
How did your music classes as well as your previous music session and assignment prepare you for this assignment? *
For this assignment, I think that the music classes and the previous session gave me experience and time to practise. When we were doing the last music session, I didn’t know how to strum properly. After some classes of practise and watching some videos, I was able to strum better and get the proper notes.

Ukulele – Peer review

Name of Peer *
Song Choice *
 Up on the Housetop
Blog Post Link *
Identify alternatives and perspectives
Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs? *
Like me, she picked a song that she think that is best for her. She also mentioned her personal experiences and how that helped her while playing the ukulele. While recording, we both chose to do it outside, and there were indeed some background noise, but that was the best we could both get it to.
What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round? *
I should include the things I found easy and hard throughout recording and playing the ukulele, and also she put in her own personal experience in the statement and I think the next time, if I had to do something similar to what I did before, I would mention it in my statement.
Did the context of the song change through their interpretation?*
 A bit, because the song had something similar to what she did in the past, so she had a good idea of choice for her song. I think that is very smart, because that won’t only make life easier, it can help her to improve what she had learnt.

Ukulele Song – Johnny on the Woodpile

This is my ukulele summative recording and statement for this unit of music
Demonstrate awareness of the art form studied, including the use of appropriate language.
Demonstrate awareness of the links between the knowledge acquired and artwork created.
Identify an artistic intention.
Through the process of learning Ukulele skills and working through Garageband I learned musical terms/definitions. Discuss. *
Through out the process of learning ukulele skills, at first it was a bit challenging trying to figure out the notes, but with the help of some pictures, it was easy to follow and I was slowly able to play my song. Through Garageband, it was easy to understand, I was able to use the basic tools to help me record my song, and there were also some musical terms that I had to understand in order to properly use it.
How were your decisions on your final arrangement informed by the formative unit work? 
 I think that I made a good decision, I picked a song that I think I could handle and practised it. I started off slowly, then after I started getting the notes and beats correct, I increased my tempo to make the song sound more smooth.
Music is communication, music is compromise, music requires discipline, music means collaboration. Discuss in relation to your work.
During the time, I was able to learn and practise the song slowly, even though there were some times where I wasn’t paying attention, I was able to properly do my work and also, I found some classmates to do my song with, and when I have minor problems, I would ask my classmates for help. It was hard to play the ukulele at first but after teaming up with some friends, we slowly got the hang of it.
I had a strong artistic direction for my final musical audio recording. Discuss. *
I was able to record my song with Garageband. It was not too hard to use this software, so it was easy for me to get some good audio and editing the different recordings wasn’t really a big challenge. While recording, I chose to record outside of the classroom as I found it more quiet and peaceful, but while recording, there were background noises such as the wind. I think that even though there were background noises disturbing the recording, that was the best I could get it to.
I enjoyed this unit very much. My favourite parts were…
I think that getting a chance to play a ukulele and also play an instrument was very interesting. I always wanted to learn a guitar but the ukulele is similar but easier which is a great start.

Instrument Summative

During this time in fine arts, I had to pick an instrument and play a piece, my recording is on the bottom.


i. demonstrate the acquisition and development of the skills and techniques of the art form studied



ii. demonstrate the application of skills and techniques to create, perform and/or present art.


Grade yourself here! *
Note Accuracy
Rhythm Accuracy


Performance Skills – Percussion
Evenness of Stroke
Approach to Melody


Now respond to these statements…


I have developed the skills required to perform this music successfully over the first music section.
Playing the marimba is similar to playing the piano, it’s just that instead of using your fingers, you use sticks. It was easy to play since all the keys were in the same order as a piano. It was easy for me to figure out on how to play the marimba as I had some experience. When you play the marimba, you need to hit the middle of the wood, because that’s where the pipe is and the pipe is where it generates sounds. When you play the marimba, if you want to play louder, don’t use more strength, lift your stick higher, this way it won’t hurt the instrument. If you want to play softer, just lift your stick lower.


I demonstrated the application of skills to create a successful piece of music. This is as good as I can get it!
I was able to play the notes correct , because it was not too hard to figure out which note is which piece of wood. I also played them in the right beat, I used a metronome to help me play the notes at the most accurate beat. I also added in some dynamics to the song so it wouldn’t be that plain.

My Instrument choice for Grade 7

This unit for music, we have to pick an instrument to play. In my family, we all play one instrument for a living. For me, I decided to do percussion. For percussion, there are a lot of different instruments in that section, for example: Drums, marimba, xylophone and more. I would like to do percussion for this unit because I know the different skills for different instruments, and I think I would do quite well.