Car Park Algerbra

Today, we had a desmo activity where we figure out where we put dividers so that every vehicle can have an equal amount of space. We first started off by only estimating and placing them, hoping it is accurate enough. Then we put equations to solve how much space there should be between each divider. This helps me to be more efficient because when I come out with a formula, besides only knowing how to do it on one example, I can know how to calculate the space when I get different widths, the width of dividers etc.

(here is a picture of where I found the formula which works for other example problems)

Innovation Fair – My experience

Today was the Innovation Week Exhibition, Innovation Week is where students have a whole week to come up with an idea that can benefit the society. I walked around and actually found some very interesting projects. The first one I approached was called “The Multi-Device Stand”, also known as MDS. It is supposed to be a stand for your handheld devices and hold it on eye level so you don’t strain your neck. I think that it is very useful because a lot of people use their phones nowadays, so this is a product for basically everyone. Another unique one is “DIY makeup”, the group used natural ingredients to make makeup products for example lipstick, blush, face masks and more. It turned out to be a bit abnormal but it still works fine. Even though I was gone for a most of the week, but being able to see my classmates creativity was a fun and good experience.

Math – Reflection on Unit 3

  1. What activity(ies) in this unit helped you learn a new math concept? Explain the activity, your new learning (be specific!), and provide a snapshot of the work.

In math, we did this activity where we tried different methods to calculate the area of a circle. We had to also wrote a report about the results. I think that this activity was a bit hard but it was also quite fun to do. After this activity, I learned a lot of new ways to calculate the area of circle, some of them are easier than my normal formula.