Design Lantern

What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products?

People have to research if the design is respectful to the people who belong to the culture. They need to make sure that it is not offensive and connects to their target culture. For example, if you’re doing the Chinese Culture, maybe you can use Chinese symbols to add to the design. Avoid using text like 四 as it is a symbol of death to the Chinese.

How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

The design of a product and communicate traditions and values in many different ways. It could be from pictures to symbols, animals, language etc. All of these can easily represent something culturally and shows tradition and value. Eg, for the Lunar New Year, using words like 福 can communicate tradition.

Are handmade products an effective way of minimizing environmental impact? Why and Why not?

Most of the time, handmade products are an effective way of minimizing environmental impact. A lot of handmade products are used with green materials which help the environment already. And handmade products are more organic than machine made products.

(my lantern)

Innovation Fair – My experience

Today was the Innovation Week Exhibition, Innovation Week is where students have a whole week to come up with an idea that can benefit the society. I walked around and actually found some very interesting projects. The first one I approached was called “The Multi-Device Stand”, also known as MDS. It is supposed to be a stand for your handheld devices and hold it on eye level so you don’t strain your neck. I think that it is very useful because a lot of people use their phones nowadays, so this is a product for basically everyone. Another unique one is “DIY makeup”, the group used natural ingredients to make makeup products for example lipstick, blush, face masks and more. It turned out to be a bit abnormal but it still works fine. Even though I was gone for a most of the week, but being able to see my classmates creativity was a fun and good experience.

Design – Clock

For this unit for design, we were designing a clock to laser cut. First, we had to brainstorm an idea for our clock on paper. I came up with 2 designs, a Hong Kong sign and a ferris wheel. I decided to go with the ferris wheel. After designing the clock, I’m pretty satisfied with my creation. It isn’t that good or perfect, but I tried my best. Here’s a picture of the printed clock.