Project Genesis Crit B/D

My final mashup recording:

Explain the step by step process of this assignment… *
For this assignment, I decided to create a mashup using at least 4 different songs. Before starting, I went through a lot of research and trial and error trying to find the right songs to use. I went on youtube and searched up many songs, something I kept in mind was that I need to find songs where the key and pitch matches with one another. Having two songs that are in the same key/pitch is very important because it makes everything a lot easier and it doesn’t sound messy when put together. When I decided on what songs to use, I downloaded the instrumental version for one song and then downloaded only the vocals from another song. Then i went through a long process of moving around the vocals, changing the speeds of the songs so that it matches causing the song to flow and sound natural, for some songs. I repeated this process multiple times and ended up using parts of 9 songs in total, instrumental and vocal. Another key thing when having so many songs is transitioning. What I did to transition from one song to another is creating keyframes causing a song to fade in and out. This was probably the most useful trick that I learned from this project. Lastly, most of the songs I used did not need to be pitched up/down, but I had to for one of them, I managed to learn how to change the pitch of the vocals of a song to the match the instrumental of another.


Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal… *
Looking back at my proposal, I think overall it was a success and I did even better than I expected. Requirements that I set up were using at least 4 songs and at least 2 vocals, I ended up having more than that having used 9 songs where more than 2 of them were vocals. The duration that I set for the song was approximately 2 minutes and my final product was around 1:50 which I think justifies it. I created smooth transitions and did my best on making the song change flow and sound as natural as possible. I found songs with similar keys, found vocals and tweaked the pitch a bit to match them. Overall, I did everything I said I was going to do.


Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired. *
When I started this project, I basically had very little experience with Garageband, all I really knew how to do was just using it to record songs and cutting parts of songs out. So I went into the mashup project with no experience. Since the project, I’ve learned so much on how to use the application and song knowledge in general. I learned how to find songs with matching keys and pitches. I learned how to change the speed of a song which was crucial to making my mashup. I learned how to use volume keyframes to create seamless transitions from one song to another. I learned how to change up a pitch of a song using a pitch shifter and vocal transformer. I learned to go through the process of trial and error and took time to finally find the right songs to use and having the right placements with the vocals. This project allowed let me know that making a mashup isn’t just slapping two songs together and expecting it to just sound good.


What challenges did you face and overcome. *
When making a mashup from scratch, there will always be problems where I have to overcome. One thing I want to highlight is trying to match my vocals to the instrumental version. What I did at first was trying to match the speed of the singing to the instrumental version which I did. Here’s the problem, only part of the singing matched perfectly and the rest of the song the vocals were very delayed. This problem occurred many times with the different songs that I did. To overcome this challenge I actually depended it a lot on splitting parts of the song. To fix the delay of them singing I took parts where there was a little rest/where the singer took a breath and cut out that empty part and then moved the delayed parts of the song and brought it to the front. This technique was very successful and was quite useful for me. Another problem that I would like to mention was pitching the vocals. I used the pitch shifter and vocal transformed that Garageband provided. There was one scale that you could drag to change the pitch and the other one was called a mix which was a very useful tool. The percentage that you choose on the mix is how much of the song that you’re trying to pitch. Overall, I think the challenged I’ve faced were great learning opportunities to help me do better and helping me learn even more skills.

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