Project Genesis

Project Genesis – Criteria Ci

What is the goal for your assignment and why? *
My personal goal for this assignment is to make a good sounding mashup. This is because I’ve allowed listened to mashups in the past and I always wondered how they managed to get the songs to match together and I’m interested in how they get the vocals to match a whole other song. I’m also really interested in all the pop culture so I have many ideas on what to do.
Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal. *
To achieve this goal, I will have to go through a process. First things first is definitely finding songs to use. Things that I will be paying attention is I want to find songs that have similar keys. Songs with similar or same keys tend to match very well together. Then after I have my selection of songs to use, I will then find vocals and fix their pitch to match the track.
What criteria will you use to self assess this assignment? *
In this mashup, I will have a song that consists of multiple songs (4+), then I will use different vocals (at least 2) and put it over other songs. The song should be at least 2 minutes long. Whenever the song switches, the songs must have a smooth transition where it flows and sounds natural.

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