Jazz Composition – Summative Solo

Final Blues Changes in F – Piano

Looking back at the final composition and the draft, there were definitely a lot of changes made. First of all I my draft was written in swing and missing the given notes. So in this final composition, I made sure I included the right kind of rhythm and notes. I added in a range of dynamics and slurs, I also added in things including triplets and grace notes.


3 thoughts on “Jazz Composition – Summative Solo

  1. Your ending was rather abrupt, and there were not a lot of dynamics (especially for the Piano)
    However, you overall melody was really interesting and had a lot of connection.

  2. Your ending ends kind of suddenly, but you changed your composition a lot compared to the draft so this final sounds more interesting and has more of a variety of notes. Your melody has improved as it has more melody than the draft and it sounds pretty good 🙂

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