Innovation Day!

During this last week of Grade 8, we had our innovation day! As this project is only lasting for a day, the whole project is focusing on our pitch. Our question for the project was: How might we improve the experience of a PYP student (Grade 5) in their first year of MYP (Grade 6)? So looking at the video that was presented, a lot of the teachers mentioned that the students need to know to manage time and themselves. So we came to the conclusion of focusing our project to help students with self and time management. We did this by having the idea of an interactive timetable.

So how does this work? Basically, the interactive timetable has the same working system of the game four-in-a-row. Students will have tasks labeled on boards with different priorities. We then have a big box with labeled time slots where students will decide when they think they should be doing each task/summative. And then we will have experienced MYP students judge how the PYP students organize themselves and give some advice. Our idea was a success but we still know there is much room for improvement and our group hopes to find more ways to make the project convenient and useful at the same time.

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