Science – Seed Dispersal Investigation

What makes a credible scientist?

To be a credible scientist, you have to have reliable information. You need to be able to prove your explanations with data from the experiment. You need graphs, tables and also you need to explain the trend. Lastly, you need to use scientific reasoning for your experiment.

Why is the scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine compared to other ‘ways of knowing’?

The scientific ‘way of knowing’ used in medicine are most likely given to patients. So scientists no only have to investigate how to make the medicine work, they also need to make sure that when they make the medicine it is safe for consumption. For other ways of knowing, we create an experiment that can help us get kind of reliable data for research.

Reflecting on scientific investigations is important because you can get more accurate results by repeating investigations with improvements to your method. How would you improve your seed dispersal investigation if you were to repeat it?

If I do this experiment again, I need to make sure that I can get more reliable data and try to control all my variables properly. I also should make sure the materials I use are good enough to collect fair data. 


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