Science: Cardboard Project

For the past few months in science, I’ve been learning about structures and forces. After investigating about how to build and make good structures. We were told to design a structure that could help the school. We got into groups then planned on how to build the structure. We used cardboard to build the structure.

While we were building it, our goal was to make our structure stable and strong. We were most focused at parts where it was weak and added supports to it, so our project won’t fail or break. While we were building it, we also improved our project and made it more original and made it easier to build.

When we build the main parts, we used some books as weights to test it out. We took the results and if the structure is too weak, we’ll add more supports to the structure. I learnt that while building structures we not only need to focus on the parts of our structures, but also how to make the structure do what it’s supposed to do.

Personally, I think I did well in working with others since it was a group project, we divided parts to do to build our structure. While we were working, we faced some problems between group decision and also building problems. We would use all our brains to help solve a problem and we manage to get to a final point which really helps the group a lot. We conducted our research by doing experiments and testing out our structures. Right now, we still haven’t finished our project yet. I think we need to manage our time and figure out when to do our work.

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