Ukulele – Peer Review

 Criteria Cii

Name of Peer 

Emma Salkeld

Song Choice 

Amazing Grace


Listen or watch your peer’s final recording submission. After listening, read their artistic intention and thought process behind their work. How does what you thought align with theirs? *


I think her statements matches with her audio. My opinion for the song Amazing Grace is the song was a soft and relax song, and my definition was the same as Emma’s opinion through this song. Also, my definition for discipline is the same as her. We all think being successful at a piece of music needs lots of practice and knowledge. It requires you to be enthusiasm to practice and learn.

What interesting, different, or exciting elements did they use that you would be incorporate into yours next time round? *

I think I can use the way she thinks about playing her speed is usable for me. For example, she said that if you are not as skilful as the song you are playing, you can always decrease the speed of your song. Unlike her, I always play my songs really fast because I think I can’t control my speed. Next time, I would like to decide my beat by knowing how skilful am I in the instrument.

Did the context of the song change through their interpretation? *


Yes, I think the context changed because the speed of the song was not stable during the audio. At first, her speed matched the context of the song because it’s nice and slow. But at the middle and the end, the speed increases so it no longer matches with the context.