English 7 – Unit 3 – Poetry

In this unit, we learned how to analyze poems. All the poems we analyzed are about family relationships. In this unit, The poem I enjoyed the most is For Heidi with Blue Hair. I like this poem because I like the theme of the poem. This poem is mainly about the individuality and rebellion of independence from a girl. The girl in the poem, Heidi, dyed her hair into blue and was being sent home because the color doesn’t match with the school rules. The poem communicated that a person should have their own style and independence. For the summative, we chose a poem from the collection, then we need to analyze it. After that, we need to make a box that matches with the poem’s main theme. Then, you have put four objects in the box that have personal connections with you and have something in common with the poem. After doing all these things, you need to write a PEE paragraph about why did you design your box like this and why did you put these objects in it. On the day where these items are due, we need to present our box to the class. The thing I enjoyed the most is presenting the box to the class. When I was presenting my box, my peers are very engaged and they asked details about the items and asked a few WHYs? For my ATL skills, I think I presented Self Management the most. Before the summative, we got work periods to work on the project. I always make sure I’m on task because time is tight for our summative. Overall, I liked this unit a lot because we got the opportunity to explore new forms of literture in this unit.

Invasion Games Crit. D Video – PE

For my Invasion Games Criterion D assessment, I made a video about the strength and weaknesses of my play. In this unit, We learned about attacking and defending opponents when playing invasion games. Here’s the video I made for reflecting what a learned:



I think learning about invasion games can help me communicate better with people because overall, you need to talk to your team mates to win a game. This skill is also very important in real life because you can chat with people or know people easily and quickly.


Unite 2 – Portrait de Famille

Global Context: Identities and Relationship

Statement of Inquiry: Our family and the people around us contribute to our own individual identity

ATLs: Communication, Time management, Organisation, Being Resourceful


For unit 2, we did a oral presentation as an evaluation. We need to make a presentation with a talking in French. We are assessed on Criteria C and D. For communication, we need to have the fluidity when we speak. For time management, we need to meet the due date of the presentation. For me, meeting the timeline is easy because I have a fully prepared script and slideshow. For organisation, we need to meet all the requirements such as using at least 4 adjectives, making the   I got an eight for Criteria C which is communication. I got a good score because I met all the requirements the teacher set. Some of the requirements are reaching 2 minutes minimum for your script, having all the adjectives and verbs required, etc. If you reach all the requirements, you can easily get an eight. For Criteria D, I got a six. In my opinion, I think I got a six because my pronunciation is not as good. Although I used google translate to learn the pronunciation, I still can’t remember the pronunciation. The reason why is I didn’t listen to it a lot of times so I can’t remember it clearly. If I’m going to do this again, I think I listen to it thoroughly so I can have a good memory of the words. Another reason why I didn’t get a perfect score is because I didn’t use a variety of sentence structure and grammar. I started most of my sentences with he and she, so I didn’t have a lot of difference between paragraphs. If I’m going to do the summative again, I will use the sentences and phrases I learned from the presentation I made, listening carefully to the pronunciation, or if I am not sure about my sentence structure, I can just go to extra help to have more information.




English 7 – Unit 2 Short Stories (Theme: Family)


Global Context – Personal and Cultural Expression
Key Concept(s) – Perspectives
Related Concept(s) – Character and Point of View
Summative Assessment(s) – Fishbowl Discussion and Create your Own Short Story


What did you enjoy about this unit (content, activities, etc.)? Explain

I enjoyed the fish bowl discussion at the end of the unit. The fish bowl discussion is a summative where everyone in the class get into small groups and each small group has it’s own short story to discuss. While the people in a small group, the rest of the class will watch to discussion and give comments to a certain person. My group’s short story is Gaston by William Saroyan. The story is about a daughter meeting his divorced father. The whole story is in a tension tone because it’s awkward for a girl to speak with a “stranger”. I enjoyed the process of the discussion where every gets to share their ideas which gave me a better understanding of the story.

Which short story was your favorite? Why?

The lottery was my favorite short story. I like this story because it is suspenseful and also ironic. The author uses a anxious tone in the story. Although at the beginning of the story, it is described as a sunny day in June, which sounds pretty chill, at the end of the story everything seems happening so sudden. The author also uses the word “lottery” to make the reader believe people that are being chose in the story are having money, gift, etc. But instead, the people being chosen are getting hit by rocks to death. The author also uses foreshadow to give reader unexpected clues. Overall, I had a lot of fun reading and analyzing the story.

What did you enjoy and find challenging about the summative assessments (fishbowl discussion and/or writing your own short story)?

I really enjoy doing the fishbowl discussion and planning my short story. For the fishbowl discussion, I really enjoy discussing with my classmates which gives me a better understanding of the story (as mentioned above). I also enjoy planning my short story and writing my first draft. Originally, I planned my story to be about stage fright but instead, I made a short story about the stress of having pressure on stage. My challenges of the summative is probably making the climax of my short story. At first, my climax is really boring and people can even recognise it is the climax part of the story. Encountering that problem, I went for extra help for some ideas. At last, I came up of an idea of making the climax the part where Emily (my main character) waits for her score.

Which ATL skills did you display throughout this unit? Take a snapshot of a piece of work as your evidence and explain.


I used my communication skills in this unit. I communicated in both discussions and my writing. In my writing, I often use appropriate forms to communicate and be sure the audience will understand what I am saying. In my discussion, I gave and receive meaningful feedback from my peers. I also make sure I read a variety of information and sources to make sure I understand the short story I was given. By the end of the discussion, I can make interferences and draw conclusion from both my communicating skills and other. Here’s the analyze of my short story for discussion, Gaston.





In this unit, I also used my self management skills for both summatives. Before both summatives are due, we have work periods in clas to prepare and work on the project. I always have specific goals for every work period so I can use my effectively. Every lesson, I make sure I am on-task so I can concentrate and focus on my work. If I didn’t meet my goal, I will always go back and self-reflect on what went wrong or what didn’t work well with me so I can guarantee that I will be successful next time. Here are the picture of the notes I’ve taken for my short story discussion.

What are the elements of a short story?

The elements of a short story is character, setting, plot, conflict, and theme. Character is basically analyzing a character’s personality, character traits, etc. The setting is where the story is set and when did the story happen. The plot is basically the basic plot outline (introduction, complicating incident, rising action, climax, falling action, and conclusion). The conflict is what the main character is fighting or against There are four types of conflict, person versus self, person versus person, person versus nature, and person versus society. The theme is what the author’s purpose of writing this story or what the author wants to communicate through the story.

What causes change in a character?

In stories, when a character encounters events that will change their lives forever (usually bad events), and they want to change that event, the character will usually have change such as being more mature or understanding the reality. The event that happened may be by accident, or something intentional that’s created by someone that wants to change the main character.

Is change inevitable?

No, change is not always inevitable. There are people in this world that wants to live the same way every day and avoiding things that will make change to them. For example, there are people that doesn’t want to try new things and staying in the same routine every day, every year. If people won’t want to try new things, they will not be able to have change.

English 7 – Unit 1 Novel Study – The Giver

Global Context – Fairness and Development
Key Concept(s) – Connections and Culture
Related Concept(s) – Perspectives
Summative Assessment(s) – PEE Paragraph


What did you enjoy about this unit (content, activities, etc.)?

I enjoyed the discussions in class we made about the novel. I find the discussion very interesting because I can listen to different people’s opinions to certain questions. I also enjoyed the activity where we are given memories and decide whether we should transfer this to Jonas (the main character) or not. I found this activity quite fun and it also requires a lot of thinking. One of the most interesting topic of the activity is whether we should keep the memory about the Germans keeping the Jews in the concentration camp in Auschwitz. We have a bit of argument in our group about whether we should keep it or not. At last, we decided to keep it because we think that Humans need to learn from the past. If we don’t keep it, these horrible events may happen again in the future. That’s also part of the reason why we should learn about history, is to learn from mistakes from the past and prevent it to happen again.

What did you enjoy and find challenging about the summative assessment (PEE paragraph)?

For my PEE paragraph, I didn’t do really well on it. I enjoyed the steps of thinking and analyzing the novel but I find writing my ideas down in a PEE structured paragraph quite hard. Part of the reason why I didn’t did really well is because this is my first ever English summative. When I was writing the paragraph, my ideas seem to be flowing around and I can’t put it together. Even though my I have main points to support my opinion, I didn’t really explain the points thoroughly. I also included some point that have conflicts against each other. For example, I said that we should keep the memories in the novel but I not only included points that support my idea, I also have some ideas that are against my point which doesn’t make any sense. Second reason why I didn’t do well is because I added new points while I’m explaining another point. For example, I mentioned that we should keep good memories but I wrote about the idea of keeping the bad memory is good idea as well which is a point that I didn’t fully explain. The last reason why my paragraph wasn’t successful is because my use of grammar. In my paragraph, I keep switching tenses which confuses people. For example, I used past tense to describe the dystopian world in”The Giver” but I changed it into present tense later in the paragraph. That’s why I was disappointed with my score.

Which ATL skills did you display throughout this unit? Take a snapshot of a piece of work as your evidence and explain.

  • Collaboration skills

I used my collaboration skills through the unit. An example of this is the activity is where we get in groups and decide whether we should keep the memory provided or not (as mentioned above). In this activity, I share the responsibility for decision making when we discussed our final decision. I solved some conflicts when arguments while making decisions. For example, once we are deciding if the memory of a couple getting married is necessary or not. I also listened carefully to everyone’s opinions and perspectives so we can have impartial decision. Here’s a photo of all the notes we’ve taken:

  • Critical Thinking

I used my critical thinking skills in this unit. In class, we worked on a PEE paragraph that has the prompt as: Do you think that most of the community in The Giver  is happy? This requires the thinking of “Practice observing carefully in order to recognise problems” (a rubric from ALT skills sheet). For writing this paragraph, I need to consider about all the factors and consequences in the novel. For example, I need to think about the pros and cons of the community, does the community feel they are perfect without experiencing the “bad” memories or do they feel comfortable about having no choice in the community? I also “Consider ideas from multiple perspectives “. I thought about the perspective of the “normal” people in the community, and the people, specifically the giver and Jonas’s perspective while working through the question. I thought about which side I should pick and at last I picked the community’s side because at least most people in the community enjoy living in here. Here’s a shot of my paragraph (with teacher’s comments):



How can we express our hopes and fears about our world through creative writing?

We can express the fears about our world through creative writing by from designing a place where all the things we feared happened there and write how about how the main character solves the problem (the same thing with hope as well, idea based on The Giver.  For example, we can write about how the world will be replaced by robots everywhere which will probably happen in the future. In this world we created, we can have people that lost their jobs because of robots replacing them, and another community where everybody has a job as a scientist and doesn’t have to worry about job, money, etc. We can design a character that’s from the “perfect” community and he can discover the truth from poor and homeless people from that society. Then, he quickly learned more about the problem and solves it in some way at the end. Using this kind of writing, we can express what the world will look like in the future and successfully alert people and get their attention about this.

Why are dystopian novels so popular with teenagers today?

The reason why dystopian novels are so popular with teenagers is because most of the dystopian work are written in a teenager’s perspective. Some examples are the novel The Giver, Divergent, etc. The good thing about a teenager’s perspective is we always have drama and suspenseful scenes in it which attracts young adults these days. Another reason why is young adults usually would like to find out who they are and what is the responsibility of themselves. Young adults that had read these books before knows what issues we commonly have now. Also, a common part of dystopian novels is the main character is always fighting the government. We as young adults, we still have no idea how dangerous and powerful the government will be in the future. Therefore, dystopian novels also gave us an idea how cruel the reality will be once you starts working and fighting in a brutal society.

MYP Design Crit D – Improving my Ifolio

My Ifolio had been a useful place for summarising what I had learned through my MYP journey. In my Ifolio, there are strengths and weaknesses in it.

Here are the strengths:

  1. All posts in my iFolio is categorized with the subjects that matches my post
  2. All my posts have featured images
  3. The welcome post to my Ifolio is a sticky post which is the first post you see when you come to my blog

Here are the weaknesses:

  1. Sometimes the text will be hard to see according to the font
  2. Don’t have a bar for subjects according to the category

Here’s how I can improve it:

For the font, I should change to a legible font for every post I do so the post I make will be easily read. On the other hand, if there’s a title or subtitle in the passage, I should make the title big enough so people can recognize the topic of my post.


For the subjects, I should customize the subject bar so everything is very organized and a teacher or parent visit my blog, they can easily know what I have been working in school for every subject.





Chinese Ifolio Update

What I learned in Chinese class:

我在中文课上学到了很多东西。 我们的unit 1 是讲战争的。我们分别学了诗歌,日记等。我最有把握的课文是“想北平”。想北平是老舍写的一篇散文。主要叙述了老舍对北京,也就是老北平,的情感。老舍用的文字幽默,还颇有优美感。我最不喜欢的文章是春望,因为里面有很多我们第一时间理解不了的问题。在Unit 2当中,我们 的主题是描写人物。我们主要欣赏了“差不多先生” 还有   “千金买骨“。其中,我最喜欢的文章时差不多先生。差不多先生不但非常好笑,作者还把人物刻画的很真实。作者使用了心理描写,人物描写,语言描写,和环境描写来刻画差不多先生这个人物。其中,作者为了形容差不多先生,用了很多例子来证明他对人物的了解。其中,这些例子有详写,也有略写。在文章结束时,作者还教训了人们不要做差不多先生,做事都随随便便。老师带着我们学完这篇课文后,我们要做的assessment就是写作文。而且作文的主题就是,描写一个在班里的同学。我被分配到的同学是Elena。我们用了一节课的时间对我们的描写对象进行了解。在这堂课里,我主要知道了Elena的personality。过了这节课后,我们就写了这篇文章。我的文章最后得了7分和6.5分。我得了这些分数因为我刻画的人物很真实,我举的例子也写的很详细。

What I enjoyed in Chinese class:

我最喜欢的中文活动有两个。一个是在学校的6th Floor Bridge写挥春,还有做一个过年的小电影。我在过年放假的前两天在天桥给学校写挥春。我用了行书和楷书写。虽然纸的质量不是那么好,但是我非常喜欢那个活动。我还做了一个关于狗的小影片。我的组员分别是Ivan, Elena, and Claudia. 我们做的影片的名字是“黄耳传书”。影片主要讲了一只叫黄耳的狗给它的主人,陆机,传送舒心给陆机的妈妈。我们的影片做的很成功,我们的影片最后也在新年的Concert上播了。

Math Ifolio Update

What activity(ies) in this unit helped you learn a new math concept? Explain the activity, your new learning, and provide a snapshot of the work

I think the best activity we did in this unit is the circle estimation project. For the project, we have a list of procedures for different ways to estimate a circle’s area. The first one is dividing the circle into 8 equal parts, and putting these 8 parts to a close parallelogram. Then, we timed the the length and the height of the parallelogram and then assume that’s a close result of the original circle’s area. The second procedure is turning a circle into an octagon. We drew lines on the original circle to form a close octagon and calculate the area of hat so it will be close to the circle’s area. The third procedure is putting beans on the circle to fill the whole thing. After that, you collect all the beans that filled the circle into a rectangular. For the rectangular, you will need to measure the length and height for the space that’s covered with beans so we know the area of the circles. From this experience, I learned the different ways of measuring the circle’s area and also knowing where did the formula for calculating a circle’s area come from. Here are some photos:


Design Crit. C & D Post

The strength of my blog:

  1. All posts in my iFolio is categorized with the subjects that matches my post
  2. All my posts have featured images
  3. The welcome post to my Ifolio is a sticky post which is the first post you see when you come to my blog

The Weaknesses of my blog:

  1. Sometimes the text will be hard to see according to the font
  2. Don’t have a bar for subjects according to the category

My Plan of Action

For the font, I should change to a legible font for every post I do so the post I make will be easily read. On the other hand, if there’s a title or subtitle in the passage, I should make the title big enough so people can recognize the topic of my post.


For the subjects, I should customize the subject bar so everything is very organized and a teacher or parent visit my blog, they can easily know what I have been working in school for every subject.