Coding Project

We worked on the Coding Project for design class. Because I’m using a loaner from the school, I am unable to work on the actual coding part for the project. Before the coding step of the project, we are assessed on Criteria B “Developing Ideas”, which is the mockup plan for the actual coding. We first decided which topic are we doing. I decided I’m doing an app about the benefits of listening to music. Then, I designed a rough draft using A4 paper. There is a limitation that we can only have four screens (including one with links to other screens), so I decicded to have one screen talking about the topic, one screen with a fun quiz, and one screen with links and videos. Here’s the photo of the rough draft:




After finishing the rough draft, I started drawing my ideas into a formal plan on a piece of paper with four screens. In this plan, you must include the designs or size of the labels or buttons, you need to write the code for the quiz screen, etc. When you finished the plan, you need to make sure if a person that has absolutely no idea how to code can understand what you need to do. Here’s a photo of my first formal plan:

After giving the first formal plan to the teacher, we found the these good things about the plan:

  • Homepage has color and buttons
  • Code structure awesome

Also, we found some problems:

  • Lack of image on the homepage
  • Can’t tell what topic I’m doing
  • Link Content (what does it tell?)
  • Have object names for links
  • Home button boring
  • Don’t know question

After receiving these feedback, I made some changes to the plan, which has automatically changed to my second formal plan: