Sabah – 2018 CAS Week

For 2018 CAS week, I went to Sabah, Malaysia. This is the most challenging trip for me through all of the choices. I definitely learned a lot of things from the service project, trekking, adventures, and cultural stuff. Through the whole trip, I found out some strengths of myself and some areas for improvement. I was aware of my strengths and weaknesses when I was doing my service project. The service project is hard for me because our group was exposed to the hot sun for the whole day and we need to finish our project, which is building the stairs, in time. I was quite a hard job and I personally had lots of challenges doing this such as facing a hot weather, learning to use heavy tools, moving bricks with wheelbarrows up the mountain. The whole project requires lots of teamwork and collaboration overall. For undertaking challenges, I tried to do my best and just simply think of it’s only going to be a short period so keep on the good work. For example, I kept pushing myself through the trek because there are lots of steep uphills and there’s a very heavy backpack. I keep encouraging myself inside because I really need to finish the trail in order to get to the shelter place uphill. For persevering action, there are lots of people and friends and encouraged me through the trip such as teachers, instructors, friends, etc. These people gave me advice and courage when I’m overcoming challenges such as the community project. I sometimes worked collaboratively with others by communicating with them and sometimes provide encouragement. For example, I communicated with people to help out with bringing the blocks on the mountain for the service project because we have 4 blocks on our wheelbarrow which is quite heavy.

Overall things I learned through this trip:

  • How to collaborate with each other (community project)
  • How to demonstrate good teamwork skills (rafting, trekking, etc)
  • How not to give up on challenges (trekking)
  • How to be independent (the whole week!)