Innovation Week – Mindset from The Dream Team

In this week, we worked on our prototypes for innovation week. The whole point of innovation week is to come up a product to solve a local or global problem. For our group, we have me, Bailey, and Emma on our team. We decided to solve the problem of controlling and tracking mental health issues to prevent suicide for youths around the world. So we come up with the idea of creating this bracelet and connecting the bracelet to a app we made to collect data. The bracelet comes with two button, one represents if you press it down, it will track how much time you spend on an emotion. For example, if you’re feeling sad, you can press the button and it will collect the data and send it to the app. For the second button, it’s for contacting your parents, friends, and counsellor in case some emergency comes up such as panic attacks or suddenly in uncontrollable situations. For the app, it has five screens and one is for emotion tracker, one is to connect with qualified therapists in Hong Kong, one is for heart rate check, one is for advices for keeping calm in emergency situations, and the final one is for saving contacts. We also named our product Mindset.

Here’s picture of the bracelet which is 3D printed:

Layout of app:

We also made multiple advertisements for our product such as:

We also made graphs for business plans and financial marketing plans:

On the last Friday, we presented our product to different people such as classmates, friends, and parents.

On the celebration, our group got the award of Best Explained groups and we are proud of what we did all this week.

Here’s a group photo of us:

Here’s our pitch video of presenting our product: