Design Crit. C & D Post

The strength of my blog:

  1. All posts in my iFolio is categorized with the subjects that matches my post
  2. All my posts have featured images
  3. The welcome post to my Ifolio is a sticky post which is the first post you see when you come to my blog

The Weaknesses of my blog:

  1. Sometimes the text will be hard to see according to the font
  2. Don’t have a bar for subjects according to the category

My Plan of Action

For the font, I should change to a legible font for every post I do so the post I make will be easily read. On the other hand, if there’s a title or subtitle in the passage, I should make the title big enough so people can recognize the topic of my post.


For the subjects, I should customize the subject bar so everything is very organized and a teacher or parent visit my blog, they can easily know what I have been working in school for every subject.



Parlez Vous Français – Reflection


Parlez Vous Français:

Statement of Inquiry:

The connection between the mother tongue and other languages enables people to develop skills and knowledge in language and acquired new languages.

How can I use my knowledge of English to learn French?

I can use my English grammar skills to translate the French I know to English as a result to make a proper French sentence. I can also think of an English a want to express and use my knowledge for French to form a sentence. Also, when I do reading or listening activities, I will translate French into English in my brain. If you have good vocabulary and grammar in English, forming a proper French sentence or paragraph won’t be that hard.

How can languages link to one another?

Languages link to one another with their pronunciation. For example, you can use your knowledge of pronunciation in English to say the most letters in French, at least you can guess the sound of the sentence using English. Another example is when you learn Mandarin, if you have learned Cantonese before, you will know most of the pronunciation of characters. Languages link to each other also by grammar. For example, you use “he is” in English, so in French, you also use “he is” except that it is in a different language.

Does learning a new language make my mother tongue stronger?

Yes, learning a new language makes your mother tongue stronger because when you first learn a new language, you will always need to translate the new phrase into a language that you are familiar with. This can make your familiar language be deeper in your mind.

My Peace Day Poster!!!

Today, during Student Advisory, we celebrated International Peace Day by discussing about peace. So, we make a small peace flag about what do you think about peace. At the end of our lesson, we are encouraged to put our poster on our blog. So, here’s the poster I made, hope you like it!

Welcome to my Blog!

Hey there! My name is Jing and I started studying at CDNIS since August, 2017. I enjoy doing sports, reading, listening and playing music, and doing photography. I hope you will enjoy my blog and thanks for stopping by. The featured image is a photo taken by myself in Switzerland, the alps.