Personal Design Project – My Wix Website

For our personal design project, which we have 4 classes to finish, I worked on using a Wix photography website template to create a website for all my photography. Overall, I think I did well because my work is finished before it’s due and it turned out pretty well. The purpose of this website is partly because I want to exhibit my photos so I have a portfolio made, and also partly because I saw too many advertisements about Wix before. Originally, I planned different tasks for the four classes for what to work on, so every time I know what I’m doing. Before I knew it, I’m done with all the basic edits and needs for my website. This is what it turned out to look like:

You can access my website at:

After I finished creating, I asked my friends to take a lot at it to prevent some mistakes happen because sometimes I won’t know what did I did wrong. It turned out pretty well that all the links in my website works, I email address worked, everything seems to be fine.

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