La Vie Scolaire – Unit Reflection

Unit Title: La Vie Scholaire

Key Concepts: Culture, Audience, Context

Global Context: Orientation in space and time

Statement of Inquiry: How School is Similar or Different in Different Francophone Countries?


Inquiry Questions:

Factual: How can I express my needs in a classroom setting? How can I use French in situations related to school?

I usually express my needs by asking people beside me or the teacher. We can ask them to clarify or explain things when we don’t understand something. I can use French when I want to ask some basic questions to people who live in a country that speaks french. Although it might not be that fluid, I hope they can still understand a bit.

Conceptual: The organisation of our school and our curriculum is influenced by the socio-ecnomic and cultural background of your community

I think the organisation of our school is defiantly somehow influenced by our culture or things beside us because sometimes we have small field trips and researches about our local Hong Kong so our lessons definitely has to do something with our culture.

Debatable: What’s the perfect school system?

In general, there’s no really perfect school system but in my opinion, our perfect school system is like it fits every single student in the school and we also can learn from these courses.


This is our third unit in French which is about school. We learned school vocabulary and how to describe our school. I didn’t do really well in my summative writing because I didn’t meet the criterion for the language part because I didn’t write all the needs.

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