Unit 2 Science Reflection – How is Everything Connected


Unit name: Ecosystem

Key Concept: Systems

Global Context: Human impact on the environment


For Science Unit 2, we studied about the ecosystem and how everything in it is connected. From unit activities, we learned about ecosystem vocabulary such as biotic factors and abiotic factors. I also did research and learned about human impacts on ecosystem such as doing presentations on bees, sunscreen and marine life etc. During the research, I learned when I do the presentation, I must include details about the problem, the solution of the problem, and implications of science. At the end of the unit, we collaborated with a grade 4 class and taught them knowledge about global problems. Our group did a presentation and game about the air quality in Hong Kong. The first group was really engaged and seems very excited when we are playing the game, which is jeopardy.

    1. How did you research and create the poster, presentation, and vidcast?

For research, I will find reliable sources such as websites that’s just about science in it. Most of the time, we have links to websites for research linked on the instruction sheet. I will divide my research in three parts, the problem, the solution, and implications of science. According to the chart our teacher gave us, we need to find important information from the source and summarise it in our own words. After doing research, we need to cite all the source we used. For creating, I often put the summarised information on my script but for presentations, I only put important point and pictures on my slide, all the words that I need to say are on my script, I used the same idea for my vidcast and recorded myself on Quick Time Player. For creating the poster, I did it about glaciers, specifically Fox Glacier located in New Zealand. I did research on tourist websites, wikipedia, and some from the school’s database, the poster turned out pretty well as a hard copy.

2. How did you prepare for the quiz?

I did a quiz on ecosystem during the unit. For the quiz, I mainly reviewed the vocabulary for ecosystems and the meaning of them. I knew this is a Crit A test so we will be tested on these stuff. Also, I reviewed the flashcards that our teacher posted online so we can do a self-test ourselves so we know what we should mostly study for.

3. How did you communicate and collaborate for the Grade 4 activity?

For the Grade 4 activity, my main job in my group is doing research and creating slides. The main point of communicating is through our group’s presentation. For the work periods, I also planned on what should we do as an wrap-up activity at the end. During our presentation with the Grade 4, our team didn’t read the slides, we let the Grade 4 read the slides so the whole thing won’t be so boring. Personally, I think I communicated really well through my presentation because I included the questions and answers from the jeopardy game (game we played together at the end) so the Grade 4s know where to find answers or where did they come from.


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