MYP Design Crit D – Improving my Ifolio

My Ifolio had been a useful place for summarising what I had learned through my MYP journey. In my Ifolio, there are strengths and weaknesses in it.

Here are the strengths:

  1. All posts in my iFolio is categorized with the subjects that matches my post
  2. All my posts have featured images
  3. The welcome post to my Ifolio is a sticky post which is the first post you see when you come to my blog

Here are the weaknesses:

  1. Sometimes the text will be hard to see according to the font
  2. Don’t have a bar for subjects according to the category

Here’s how I can improve it:

For the font, I should change to a legible font for every post I do so the post I make will be easily read. On the other hand, if there’s a title or subtitle in the passage, I should make the title big enough so people can recognize the topic of my post.


For the subjects, I should customize the subject bar so everything is very organized and a teacher or parent visit my blog, they can easily know what I have been working in school for every subject.





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