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Hey there! My name is Jing and I started studying at CDNIS since August, 2017. I enjoy doing sports, reading, listening and playing music, and doing photography. I hope you will enjoy my blog and thanks for stopping by. The featured image is a photo taken by myself in Switzerland, the alps.

Project Genesis – Crit B/D

Explain the step by step process of this assignment…

The goal of my project is the make a mashup so here are the steps of doing that: 1. I watched multiple tutorials and youtube videos to learn how to actually make a mashup on Garageband as well as finding mashup songs inspiration. 2. After I’ve chosen my four songs, I first put the instrumental track on Garageband to match up the tempo. It took me a while to figure out the tempo and match it with the beats. After I finished that, I need to click enable flex to make sure my first track doesn’t speed up when I add in other acapella tracks. 3. Next, I put in my other acapella tracks as well and then I do the same thing (matching the tempo and enabling flex). After that, I do things such as cutting and pasting, and moving the clips of songs to beats where it makes the music sound smooth. 4. After I have everything in place, I pressed “A” where I can adjust the sound effects of the tracks. For example, I want the music for one track slowly fading out and I can do that when I adjust the sound effects. I also tried to add echo on the acapella tracks to make it sound better.

Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal…

I think my product is quite successful because it fulfills every criteria I created. First of all, my mashup is 2 minutes and it included 4 songs in total. I did use garageband to create this mashup and I did my best to connect songs on beat and match the rhythms. As I used different acapella tracks, there are different vocals and smooth transitions that are on beat. I did make changes to the songs I used such as cutting, mixing, changing sound effects, etc.

This was my criteria: The mashup will be at least 2 minutes

The mashup will include at least 3 songs

Will use Garageband and other resources to create this mashup

The songs need to connect on beat and the rhythm needs to match

Having different vocals and include smooth transitions

Make appropriate changes to the songs I use

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired

I think I learned a lot through this process. One thing I learned more about is how to use Garageband. Through this process, I learned how to synchronise the beats, change the volume of a track, how to mute a track, and so on. I also learned how to fine songs that can fit into each other by researching it online. Some other skills I learned is how to manage my time as even though I had a lot of time to work on it, I started doing it two weeks before the due date, which taught me to manage my time better next time.

What challenges did you face and overcome.

The challenge I faced was finding the right music in the first place. It was hard at first because I didn’t know what to look for as there are a lot of music on the internet. I tried a couple of times using random songs I searched but it just didn’t go together. However, I learned to find existing mashups on youtube to see what songs does my instrumental track match well with. I also learned to only use songs in existing mashups whose pitch wasn’t changed or else it’s going to be more complicated. I also asked for help from my friends as some of them completed the mashup before I did.

Project Genesis – Criteria Aii

What information are you using from this link? *

– A mashup is a combination of two or more songs together and it’s different from creating a medley
– When trying to find songs for a mashup, try and find songs that have a distinguishable vocal or a distinguishable instrumental part
– Usually how people try to merge songs is by finding a vocal version of the songs you’re using as well as searching up the instrumental version. Then you can combine these two things together
What information are you using from this link?
In this video, I learned how to keep track of the beats of your track on Garageband as well as how to adjust it so every beat matches the number on top of the track. I also learned what does enable flex mean. This is important for my research because if I want to mash two tracks together, I will need to learn how to match the beats together and this video taught me how to do so.
What information are you using from this link? *
From this link, I learned the steps of making a mashup including what tracks to look for before putting all the tracks into a software. I also learned what to keep in mind when producing a mashup. For instance, I learned that the BPM of the accapella track has to match the instrumental track. I also learned that in order to make a successful mashup, I need to find songs that has the same structure and a similar rhythm with beats. Otherwise, there’s no way that these tracks can go together when you put two songs together.
What information are you using from this link? *
I listened to this audio to figure out what an ideal mashup will sound like. This is a mashup on Youtube of combining two pop songs together and I really enjoyed listening to this mashup a few years ago. Besides hearing what an ideal mashup sounds like, it’s also a source of inspiration before I make my own product.

Project Genesis Proposal Crit C

What is the goal for your assignment and why?

The goal for my assignment is to create a mashup of pop songs. I want to do this for my project because I always enjoyed listening to mashups and pop music and I thought it will be cool to use this opportunity to create something I enjoy listening. This is also my goal because I think it will allow just the right amount of creativity for this assignment. As I’m not a very creative person, I think a mashup will not be too hard for me to create because half of it is already written for me.

Outline/Process (Steps) to Achieve Goal.

1. Plan out the whole project including the due dates for every small task

2. Do sufficient amount of research on how to reach this goal and ask for help on this project if needed.

3. Using findings from research, make the mashup and get feedback from it along the way

4. After finishing the first draft of the project, get feedback from teachers and friends to see how I can improve it.

5. Submit final

6. Self assess this whole project, see how I did well and what are some things that can be improved.

What criteria will you use to self assess this assignment?

  1. The mashup will be at least 2 minutes
  2. The mashup will include at least 3 songs
  3. Will use Garageband and other resources to create this mashup
  4. The songs need to connect on beat and the rhythm needs to match
  5. Having different vocals and include smooth transitions
  6. Make appropriate changes to the songs I use

Jazz Composition Final

Blues Changes in F – Jing Li

Between my first and final draft of my music composition, some changes in my composition include adding the last bar to the composition because there were some changes to my chords. Another change I did was slowing down my tempo because I think it will sound better and more intact if I slowed it down. I also added more dynamics compared to my draft because there wasn’t really a lot of dynamics in my first draft. On the other hand, there are some note errors and notation errors on my first draft so I corrected those as well.

December Response

Responding – December ’19

Scale Warmups/Theory Test/Start of Year
Your email address (jingli2023@cdnis.edu.hk) was recorded when you submitted this form.
Name *
Jing Li
Discuss your practice routines and development on your instrument. *
I usually practice scales at home with my instrument but I didn’t need that much practice at home because my instrument isn’t that hard and I can handle it in class. I think after this half semester I got better at keeping myself on beat with my instrument. At the start of this term, I was usually rushing or slower than the metronome. However, I got better at controlling my ability to keeping myself on beat. I realised that keeping myself on beat is important so I decided to use a metronome while practicing so I can get better at maintaining a constant speed when playing my instrument.
How successful were you at your theory test? Discuss the concepts that you did not master. *
I was very successful at my theory test. I mastered all the concepts because I got all the answers correct.
What are your strategies to improve results in the subsequent months? *
My strategies to improve results is to work more on composing. For playing and theory, I think I do fine in both of these areas. For playing, I can further improve my skill of keeping myself on beat and not rushing. The biggest problem for me is not keeping myself on beat while playing songs and scales, that includes both mallets and drums. So my strategy for improving is to keep using a metronome while practicing and try my best to be on beat when playing in class.
How do you show the IB Learner Profile in the music class? *
I show that I’m knowledgable and caring. For knowledgable, I always know what I’m doing whether I’m playing my instrument, doing music theory, or composing. I always know what I’m working on and how to do it. For example, when I’m doing music theory, I know all the concepts to it such as identifying key signatures or writing intervals. I’m also caring because we have a lot of people playing my type of instrument and it requires people to be cooperative when trying to play the percussion part of one piece. Therefore, I’m always caring because I’m willing to help people when they don’t know how to play their piece or when they need a hand of playing their part of the piece.