Experience Week 2019 ~ Yangshuo

How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth? Throughout the activities that we did, such as rock climbing and hiking. I noticed a lot of my strengths and weaknesses that I haven’t notice before. For examples, during rock climbing, I noticed that I did not have enough power to […]

Design Unit 2 Reflection

What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products? When people design products, they will consider the culture of the person that they are giving to or selling to so they can better capture the point that means more to them. And they also have to consider the things in their culture that are really […]

Science Density Experiment

Today, me and my group did a small experiment on how the density of different liquids and solids will change when you put them on top of each other. Here is a photo of the result of the experiment: What happened? When we were doing the investigation on the density of each of the liquids […]

Humanities U1 Summative Reflection

During the first unit, I have learned a lot of knowledge on food and demonstrated a lot of ATL skills in completing the tasks, but in this reflection, we are going to talk about the summative task. The summative task is really challenging, even though there is a lot of time to prepare for it but there is […]