Progress Report Reflection

After viewing my report card with my parents, I understood what I needed to improve on and what I was good at. There were some parts of the report card where it was same as how I evaluated myself, and there were some parts where I got a higher mark than what I put myself in. But, in mandarin progress I got two BM’s one for writing and one for speaking. I need to improve on my writing by using better vocabulary, and writing a better flow.

I think I had improved overall, and I think I had done pretty well last term. I can improve on math, by practicing and looking though the exercises we have done in the past, to review what I have learnt in case I have forgotten. I also need to improve on math reasoning because, my answers are not very precise or detailed.Lastly, I know I need to improve on asking more questions instead of guessing what to do is correct.

This term I will try to improve on the things i did not do very well last term, and try to get a better mark.

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