Performing Arts Blues Project Reflection

In the past few weeks, we had been learning about the blues. Blues, are a special style of music that has a pattern every sentence. After a while, we started to make our our blues song and we had to write our own lyrics and play our own instruments.

At first I thought that making a song was hard work, and it wouldn’t be any fun. But, when we me and Kaley were writing the lyrics I found it very fun and it was a time where we could use our creativity to make things. During our performance, many things went well. We had a clear beginning, middle and end, and we cooperated to make a good song without only listening to one’s ideas. Because I think that it is important to share ideas and not only use the ideas you want yourself. Even though many things had went well, I think that we could have put more improvisation into the song to make it more fun. Also we could use more creativity while making the song, and putting descriptive words. If we were to do this again, I would change some of the lyrics so that it is not only about my sister. And not only about her annoying us me and getting in trouble.

Two ATL I was successful at was having good time management skills and respecting each other. Because we planned everything carefully and we did not waste our time and keep chatting. We respected each other by using both of our ideas and agreed on many things.



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