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art reflection 🎨 1

art reflection 🎨

I thought this experience was very intriguing and enjoyable. I thought I did pretty well on it as lots of G3 students came to me because they like the colour and contrast in my artwork and...

Goal Setting 0

Goal Setting

My goal is to be more socially confident and make new friends. I will know that I’m done when I am feeling comfortable communicating and presenting ideas to big audiences and groups. My goal is reasonable...

Our Very Own Science Inquiry! 0

Our Very Own Science Inquiry!

In the past week, we have been doing science inquiries during class. It’s easy to make rock candy. All you need is a lot of sugar, some water, and a little patience. Pour three cups...

Chinese Vocal Assessment (父與女) 0

Chinese Vocal Assessment (父與女) 我月的這個口語評估很容易,因為我們有時間計劃。我準備了2天,但是還不是最好的,還可以好一點。我下次會說長一點,和可以說大聲一點。  

Pitch Reflection 0

Pitch Reflection

I didn’t know much about our charity when we first started, I only knew that it helps underprivileged children achieve their dream. Some problems that we encountered are; not enough lines, too little information,...

Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate 0

Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate

I chose this piece because I found it really fun and an awesome way to show what vocabulary I learn this unit. By doing this activity I reflected on what I learnt this unit...

Marshmallow Snowman Challenge 0

Marshmallow Snowman Challenge

I chose this activity because I found this activity interesting and very fun. By doing this I learned new and effective ways to solve division problems. During the activity I was a thinker because...

Descriptive Writing 0

Descriptive Writing

I chose this piece because it shows that I have a good use of descriptive vocabulary. By doing this activity I had learned lots of new and interesting stuff about my topic. During this...

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