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🏕Camp Reflection🏕 0

🏕Camp Reflection🏕

When we arrived, the first thing we did is introducing ourselves and learning each others names. After that, we did some fun ice-breaking activities. This included beach olympics, competitions and learning the basics to...

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Dance Reflection 0

Dance Reflection

Copy of Copy of IMG_7517 <—-   That is the video thingy to our dance…… GRADE FIVE PHYSICAL THEATRE RUBRIC My choreography showed different dance elements (use of body, space, time, energy, relationships) 1-2 elements 3-4...

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中文反思 我的中文學習做得好的地方是我的功課。我覺得我的功課做得很好,因為我可以自己做,不要媽媽幫我。我要進步的地方是我的寫作,因為我沒有讀那麼多中文書。今年我的學習目標是每個月要做20個每日一篇。為了做到這個目標,我會每個星期做5 次。

Mass (Estimate/Order ) 0

Mass (Estimate/Order )

In this activity I found out the order of the containers using base ten blocks and math. (Multiplication) I put blocks in the containers and then when the container is full I count the...

Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate 0

Generate, Sort, Connect, Elaborate

I chose this piece because I found it really fun and an awesome way to show what vocabulary I learn this unit. By doing this activity I reflected on what I learnt this unit...

Marshmallow Snowman Challenge 0

Marshmallow Snowman Challenge

I chose this activity because I found this activity interesting and very fun. By doing this I learned new and effective ways to solve division problems. During the activity I was a thinker because...

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