Ignite Talk

The last semester, the whole of Grade 6 had to come up with an Ignite talk. The Ignite talk is supposed to be a persuasive speech based off of a current issue or theme either locally or globally. I chose to do my Ignite talk on air pollution in HK.

The planning process wasn’t that difficult because I had several reliable sources with intriguing facts and shocking statistics. The references I collected helped to create a sense of urgency and relevance for my presentation and helped me to draw a firm conclusion.

When I was researching about air pollution, I discovered a couple of quite distressing facts and statistic. For example, did you know that it is harmful to your health if you exercise and work outdoors during high air pollution episodes? Many facts like these blew my mind as I scrolled through countless fascinating articles.

The delivery of the speech was the most challenging part of the entire process. I wasn’t good at memorising, and the fact that I had to be in front of the audience extremely daunting.

Fortunately for me, I revised the entire speech the night before, and it was one of the first groups of people to present.


Link to my video – click here

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