Science Fun!

Last week, we did some fun science rotations. The experiments I participated in were: Paper Maché, The science of Baking, and changing matter and materials.

Paper Maché was super fun because I got to learn more about natural and artificial polymers,  study physical and chemical changes in the Paper Maché, and lastly, make our OWN paper maché bowls! In this activity, I discovered the different polymer items I can find in my daily life, as well as some we can find in nature.

The next science rotation I did was the science of baking. During the activity, I realised how much science there was in normal everyday activities, even baking! We got to observe the physical and chemical changes happening to the cookie dough whilst we were mixing in the wet and dry ingredients and baking it. The best part was the heavenly smell coming from the ovens while the cookies were baking! The cookies ended up tasting amazing and very soft and chewy. We learn about how different variables and how they will affect the end product, as well as observing the changes the cookie dough goes through.

The last activity we did was dubbed “Bubble Trouble”. In this activity, we were mixing Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate to create a foam that consists of Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Sodium Citrate. I think that this experiment was super fun and educational at the same time. We got to see both chemical changes and physical changes happening right before our eyes! It was very mesmerizing to watch the items in the beaker create a bubbly pink foam!

In conclusion, I think that these experiments were super educational and fun. I would love to have an opportunity try even more experiments next time!

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