Pitch Reflection

I didn’t know much about our charity when we first started, I only knew that it helps underprivileged children achieve their dream. Some problems that we encountered are; not enough lines, too little information, missing anecdote, and many others. We solved them by working together to find information, not just on their website but other places as well. (Youtube, Google etc……) I think I have gotten better at creating a persuasive speech (Pitch) and public speaking as well. I had done a similar piece of work once in my old school. We were trying to persuade each other why mobile phones should be banned for ages under 10.

I feel that this project was very fun and tested our groups teamwork skills, but I particularly like the fact that we are helping our charity with the effort we put in.  One part I didn’t really like was that only 5 teams get to go to the finals. I feel like everyone should get a chance to earn money for our charity, not only the top 5. My standards for this pitch was getting our team higher than 3rd place in the class competition and if we got to the finals, we can get 2nd place. My standards were sort of met because we didn’t get into the finals, but I believe we did pretty well. The one thing I found frustrating was that most of the information was either irrelevant or hard to understand.

One particular thing we did different to other groups was that we didn’t  make a slide to go with our presentation. Our team decided that the slide will only distract the audience and make them forget the facts and statistics we put in our pitch. If I had to rate our presentation (From 1-10) I would give it a 8.5. This is because we did a pretty good job, but we didn’t memorise our lines and were staring at our scripts, not making that much eye contact. If I was a teacher, some comments I would make about this piece would be that at first we were stuttering, but in the end, we were pretty good. A few ways we met the criteria was that we did ours under 3 minutes, we added an anecdote (Story) and finally, we used evidence to support our claims.

One thing I would like to change if I were able to travel back in time is that our group actually tried to memorise our lines. I feel that the group would feel more professional if we weren’t reading off a script and we would also have more emotion in our voice. One goal I would like to set for myself for the next time I do something like this is that we should add more persuasive details and statistics to back up our anecdote. I would like help with finding information, I feel that this is the only thing our group had struggled with. One thing I had seem in my classmates work that I want to try for myself is making the anecdote relatable. I think one of the main reasons why they won the semi-finals was because their anecdote was something we could all relate to.


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