🏕Camp Reflection🏕

When we arrived, the first thing we did is introducing ourselves and learning each others names. After that, we did some fun ice-breaking activities. This included beach olympics, competitions and learning the basics to kayaking. At around 12:00, we ate a delicious sandwich for lunch, and guess what, we got to customise them! Some people even got seconds, that is how good they were. Once we got used to the controls, we did some fun games such as water polo and world domination. The next day, we did high elements and survival skills. High elements includes rock climbing, Jacob’s ladder and a high pole thingy (IDK the real name). After lunch we did some survival training. Some of the activities were building a shelter, lighting a fire (using flint and steel), and first aid inspection. On the very last day, we did some SUPER FUN hiking! It was an experience you don’t want to miss.


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