G4 Camp!🏕

On Wednesday, March 14 we went to Pui O for camp. When we arrived we carried all our bags to the campsite and then we got into our groups and did some fun ice breaking activities with our group. When we all got to know each other, we made a group flag and headed of to the courtyard. Very soon it was dinner time and we ate an amazing BBQ dinner and had some delicious s’mores afterwards. When we returned to the campsite we did a short reflection on what our favorite part was for the day, my favorite part was the BBQ dinner, because the food there is very good and the s’mores were AMAZING!  

On the second day, we ate a yummy breakfast and then did some orienteering. The map took us through the entire area and all the signs are very far away from each other which makes it very fun. After the orienteering we went to the beach to do raft building. We had a competition on the raft and luckily our group came in first! After the amazing activities, it was finally time for us to do surfing! Surfing was very fun because we all caught on very quickly and all of us enjoyed it very much.

On the last day, our group took down all of the tents down and cleaned up all of  the campsite. Soon it was time for lunch we had an apple, a sandwich and a yummy muffin.


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