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recap of this semester! ☺️ 0

recap of this semester! ☺️

This school year so far was both thought-provoking and enjoyable. We covered many intriguing topics and lively activities. One of my favourite activities this year were the various science experiments we conducted and the...

art reflection 🎨 1

art reflection 🎨

I thought this experience was very intriguing and enjoyable. I thought I did pretty well on it as lots of G3 students came to me because they like the colour and contrast in my artwork and...

Goal Setting 0

Goal Setting

My goal is to be more socially confident and make new friends. I will know that I’m done when I am feeling comfortable communicating and presenting ideas to big audiences and groups. My goal is reasonable...

Our Very Own Science Inquiry! 0

Our Very Own Science Inquiry!

In the past week, we have been doing science inquiries during class. It’s easy to make rock candy. All you need is a lot of sugar, some water, and a little patience. Pour three cups...


Math and Patterening

In the past few weeks, we have been exploring different uses of patterning in real life and in mathematics. Some examples that we found in class was the braille pattern and morse code. Whilst...


Grade 6 So Far

The past weeks of G6 were filled with adventure and learning! Some of my favorites were the egg suck experiment, pattern explorations and outdoor play with the buddies. I liked the egg suck experiment...


Science Fun!

Last week, we did some fun science rotations. The experiments I participated in were: Paper Maché, The science of Baking, and changing matter and materials. Paper Maché was super fun because I got to learn more...

Chinese Vocal Assessment (父與女) 0

Chinese Vocal Assessment (父與女) 我月的這個口語評估很容易,因為我們有時間計劃。我準備了2天,但是還不是最好的,還可以好一點。我下次會說長一點,和可以說大聲一點。  

Pitch Reflection 0

Pitch Reflection

I didn’t know much about our charity when we first started, I only knew that it helps underprivileged children achieve their dream. Some problems that we encountered are; not enough lines, too little information,...

🏕Camp Reflection🏕 0

🏕Camp Reflection🏕

When we arrived, the first thing we did is introducing ourselves and learning each others names. After that, we did some fun ice-breaking activities. This included beach olympics, competitions and learning the basics to...

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