Science Reflection

We started by creating a flowchart and determining which physical properties it took advantage of. For example, when separating the oil we used prior knowledge in order to come up with the technique of skimming. During the process, we had some problems with formatting and constructing one that was clear and easy to understand. I feel that I need to work on my time management skills as we finished tasks later than everyone. But we had success when we started the hands-on experiment. We knew we had to be more efficient in order to complete the tasks on time. Overall, the process has helped me to improve my learning ability.

Portfolio vLog Post

  1. What are some cultural considerations people make when designing products?

Some considerations people make when designing products is its symbol and what it communicates to them. It should not be offensive to them but rather made to show a sign of respect.

2. How does the design of a product communicate traditions and values?

The design of a product communicates traditions and values because it usually represents something you care for or love.

3. Are handmade products an effective way of minimizing environmental impact Why and why not?

Handmade products can be an effective way of minimizing environmental impact because we can then control how the product is made and then use more eco-friendly materials. Yet it could also be more harmful because you would then need to ship everything from different parts of the world to your location causing for lots of pollution.


Humanities Summative – U1 Reflection

After doing my presentation, I realized that I used many ATL skills in order to complete this project. Some examples of this were when I had to use critical thinking to decide how I was going to present my project and how the presentation should be formatted. We also had to use our research skills to find out and understand the issues with our food diets and be able to find impacts using SEEP. I think that our communication and organizational were important too. They were needed to teach other people about our findings and share our ideas with them.

Gr.8 Science Unit 1 Reflection

In our first unit, I learned about how to properly investigate and record data. We learned how to properly write a lab report using a rubric and other resources to help us.

During our investigations, I was also able to gain an understanding of some new vocabulary words. Such as terminal velocity, air resistance, force, etc.

For our final part of the unit, we had to write up our own lab reports from scratch. Though it seemed challenging at first, I was able to get the hang of it quickly.

Knowing how to write a lab report is important because it’s a way of sharing your ideas and thoughts with others. I can be a learning tool for them, and also help them gain knowledge in that particular area.


“SMART” Goals Reflection







  1. 加强口头报告
  2. 更好的个人探究
  3. 写更好质量的文章


Chinese Unit 3 Reflection

单元反思 Unit 3 Reflection:

  1. Concept


  1. Knowledge


  1. Skill / ATL

我学会了用不同的学习方法来帮助我做事情。比如,用课堂上记的笔记,老师给的本子和用 Quizlet 来准备考试。我还可以用网上的一些中文网站来帮助我完成作业。

  1. Learner Profile / Action (学习者档案,行动)


Science Reflection

Name: Henry HR: 7D Spring 2018


Connections Between Math and Science


  1. Make a list of all the skills you learned in the following Math and Science units. One example from each subject has been done for you:


Skills learned in Math Data unit Skills learned in Science Heat unit
  • Calculate the mean, median, mode, and range
  • Create a chart or graph based on the collected data
  • Use appropriate graphs
  • Use the correct measurement of central tendency
  • Label the graph with titles and labels.
  • Identify independent, dependent, and control variables
  • Making conclusions from the data collected
  • Choosing the appropriate materials for an experiment
  • Create a prediction and a hypothesis


  1. Give yourself a “best fit” rating for your mastery of these skills in both subjects.


1 =  novice 2 = learner 3 = practitioner 4 = expert


  1. Give several reasons to support your rating. Be as specific as possible. For example:



  • I gave myself a 3. One reason is because I improved my ability to identify variables in a science experiment.




  • Another reason is because I improved my ability to create graphs based on the collected data. I am also able to label axis and title the graph appropriately.



Make a brief video answering the following questions. (2 minutes max)


  1. Rate yourself on the following statements.
Statement Novice Learner Practitioner Expert
I make connections between the skills learned in Math and Science. x
I can transfer these skills from one class to another. x


  1. Describe the connections you made between Math & Science in these units. For example, what Math skills did you use in Science class? What Science skills did you use in Math class?


Math skills I used in Science:



  • Finding the mean and range from a set of data
  • Create a chart or graph based on the collected data
  • Use the correct measurement of central tendency



Science skills I used in Math:



  • Identify independent, dependent, and control variables
  • Making conclusions from the data collected


  1. How did the connections you listed in question #5 help you broaden your understanding of the skills in each of the subjects?



  • The connections in question #5 helped me broaden my understanding of the skills in both subjects because it taught me how skills from one subject can also be transferred and used in other subjects too.



  1. How important is it to make connections between different subjects? Why do you think so? What are the benefits? What are the challenges?



  • It is important to make connections between different subjects because it allows you to learn and apply knowledge. It benefits your learning but it could be a challenge for people to achieve true interdisciplinary study.





Humanities “HK Culture” iFolio Reflection

ATL Skills:

  • communication

The main focus of the “Making of Me” project was to talk about your life and the events that shaped you.

  • social

I used social skills during this project by interviewing other people and talking with my groupmate about the project.

  • self-management/ time-management

I had good self-management skills throughout the project. I finished the things that needed to be done, and I handed the assignment in on time.

  • research

Our group had to research the historical context of the site and find a description of the current site. We also had to research why it was significant to Hong Kong’s culture.