What I did this week ( September 2-8 )

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Today I will be talking about what I did this week. From Monday to Wednesday, we had MAP ( Measures of Academic Progress) tests. We need to do MAP tests because our teacher needs to know what to teach and what is our level. The tests were Reading, Language and Math.

We also did a Math Checkpoint, it includes input/output, divisibility rules and  patterns. I forgot the divisibility rule for 4, so I didn’t write anything in the venn diagram. This week is the first Book Club week. On Wednesday, we met in our groups and discussed how many chapters to read. Later on Friday, we had our first proper book club. We discussed about our books and ate snacks.

Back in Wednesday, we had a PE class with 6B because we had MAP test during the actual PE time and that was our make-up class. Although I got hit hit in the face 5 times during dodgeball, I was happy because most of my friends are in 6B and I am often by myself during class.

My class also made a video for Curriculum nighT. In little groups, we showed how we do things in class. The groups were UOI ( Unit of Inquiry ), Grateful Board, Class name and other groups. Our theme was behind the scenes.Thanks for reading my blog : )

My Puberty poem

In my unit of inquiry my unit is WWA(who we are).It is about puberty and the changes that happen when we grow.Puberty is when we turn into a teenager then a young adult.In one of our home learning it tells us to write a puberty poem.Here is a short puberty poem that I wrote:

  Puberty is the time we go through change

  People grow taller

  People stronger

  No matter puberty or not we are still happy

I would like to share it because some people are disgusted by puberty but i feel happy.Thanks for reading.