Passion project

This is my passion project blog post on week 4…………………………………………. 

Passion project is project that we show our passions and our talents.


My passion is Baking . I love baking pies, cakes, pastries and bread.But my speciality is COOKIES! I love making cookies,I especially like my cookies chewy in the inside and crispy outside!


And that was what I did for passion project, with my friend Lucia!

For the passion project, we made a baking movie !!!!!!!!!

We made it on the weekend , showing others how to make chocolate chip cookies.Lucia went to my house to make the iMovie.


The iMovie was sooo funny!We had a few bloopers and funny moments,But its okay,because that’s what’s passion project’s all about!  
We’re so excited to present it and thank’s for reading my blog post!     



                      什么                 为什么              这么样         

农历 中国的日历 以前,农民要知道什么时候


吃年饭,吃年糕,去拜年。 因为是一个中国新年的食物。 吃会给你 luck。
剪头发,大埔哦东西,不可以搬家。 不可以做因为

Will bring you bad luck

我觉得不make sense
桃符 是以个新年的decoration。上面有中国新年的东西。 给你good luck 很票亮
比较 我以前,


因为我很害怕甜的东西 有以点好吃


Michelle’s HWEO unit reflection

  Michelle’s  HWEO unit reflection


心思想 central idea:


     With connection to a wider audience comes great responsibility.


探究问题Lines of Inquiry:











  • 有原则的人(principled)

I am principled when I don’t bully people.

  • 正直(Intergrity)

When I have a question I ask the teacher.


行动(Action:after learnig this unit ,I will…….)




Grade 5 camp

            Grade 5 camp-Michelle

This week i had camp.Here are some things that I did with my  friends.On the first day,It was raining really hard.My backpack was wet.But thankfully,We had a place that has a shade so we didn’t get wet.We also had a team that you had to be with,I was with my friends.

The first day

In the first day,we went kayaking.It was fun,But I kept turning around in circles.After kayaking,we went into the dorms.In my opinion,The dorms wasnt really clean.Then 1 hour later,we had dinner.I like curry, but its a little too spicy.After dinner,we had a day review with our team.We had to ask questions about another person.I learned many things about other people.

The 2nd day

The next day,we had a walk  to Lions Nature Education Centre.Lions Nature Education Centre is a park with different plants,rocks,and animals.It a long and tiring walk,but it was worth it.At the park,there were cows.There were some flies on them and I got disguisted.We also made a fire.It was a tiny fire.

When we came back we had lunch.I had a ham and cheese sandwich.It wasnt the best sanwich in the world,but its also good.After lunch,we were talking about how trash can harm animals in the ocean.I got scared and cold because I love animals.After getting scared,raft building cheered me up.It was a big success and didn’t break.It was really fun learning about tying tight knots.

Dinner wasn’t a happy thing.I had rice with chicken with broccoli.It tastes like ginger.

The last day

The last day I was super excited to go  home.I was excited to see my mom,dad,and my dog.But I had to go through the star challenge.I didn’t really enjoy it because many people were blaming me just because I can’t do a certain thing.After the star challenge,we had lunch.Lunch was hotdogs.I am not a big fan of hotdogs but I also got seconds.

My Puberty poem

In my unit of inquiry my unit is WWA(who we are).It is about puberty and the changes that happen when we grow.Puberty is when we turn into a teenager then a young adult.In one of our home learning it tells us to write a puberty poem.Here is a short puberty poem that I wrote:

  Puberty is the time we go through change

  People grow taller

  People stronger

  No matter puberty or not we are still happy

I would like to share it because some people are disgusted by puberty but i feel happy.Thanks for reading.

How junk foods effect us

 How junk food affects us

On mid October, a nutritionist came to our school to talk about how junk food affects us and keeping healthy.Sometimes when I go to the grocery store,I am so tempted to get those snacks like chocolate bars and chips. But now I understand that how it can affect us badly. Here are some facts that I learned:

-Junk foods can cause us cancer

-Box juices has more sugar than coke

-We are only supposed to have a half plate of veggies,a quarter of meat and grain and a little bit of dairy for dinner/Lunch.

-Too much sugar damages your brain.

-The oil of the oily foods are bad for you.

I would like to share it with everybody because I feel many people eat too much junk foods.And I’ll try to encourage people to eat healthy foods.Thanks for reading.

My Singapore recount( from my mid term break

On October 11th-14th was my Mid term break.I wen’t to Singapore for 3 days.Here is what i did in Singapore:

My Singapore recount by Michelle

On my mid-term break I went to Singapore.On my first day,I went swimming in the pool.The pool was big and super fun.After going to the pool,I watched a dinosaur movie(AKA Jurassic park) in the hotel room.After watching,I went to have dinner in a store that sells chicken.


Singapore                                       Hotel pool

On the second day,I went to Gardens by the bay.Garden by the bay is a big place with two gardens,One have many trees and the other has alot of pretty flower

Singapore                               Gardens by the bay

After going to Gardens by the bay,I went to a big shopping mall.

After shopping, We went to ride a taxi to dinner.But the Taxi driver drove us the the wrong place! But happily,The place is very near where were supposed to go.So,he can drive us to the other place.

The next day is the last day,I don’t have many things to talk about because I had a return flight to Hong Kong at 4 pm.First ,we went to eat Bak Kut teh. Bak kut teh is a Singaporean dish.It was a little bit spicy but It was so yummy.

Bak kut teh

Thank you for reading my recount of Singapore!

My metaphor poem( With my friend Lucia )

On the 2nd of November me and my friend Lucia,are assigned to make metaphor poem.A metaphor poem is something like a simile but without like or as.Here is our metaphor poem about sunflowers:



As their light showed u

They all turned their little heads up, towards

The beautiful light of their day

The happiness in their lives

Waving in the wind

The light was the beauty

She was the everything

Her shining eyes, sending sparks

Hypnotising the poor sunflowers

Admiring the light

The Light was the one and only reason

The sunflowers kept wishing and dreaming

That one day they would be able

To touch The Light without burning

Like if they touch the wild fire,

Beautiful but dangerous

Lucia and Michelle

This is another poem we made about snow:


Like little dancers

Falling from the sky

They land on the ground gracefully

And cover the ground with a

Soft , white carpet

Cheering up little children

They are full of memory and joy

As the family make a snowman together

They know their lives are short

And live it without any regret

They do their job peacefully

And then melt

Like if nothing happened

Michelle and Lucia

The reason why i would like to share it to everyone ,because i feel that the poems are very meaningful,relaxing and really Joyful.

Thanks for reading my blog,Michelle

Field trip to Andrea Pritchard’s studio(Artist in Residence)

On my First CDNIS field trip,I went to Andrea Pritchard’s studio.Andrea Pritchard is a nice clay teacher.We made ceramic tiles with many sea creatures.Mine has a turtle,Many shells ,leaves and rocks.First we need to cut out the clay into a circle.Next we need to make many decorations to put on top.To stick it on we needed to glue it and scratch the area’s you want to stick.Finally we paint it and put it in the kill.A kill is like a oven but more hot.I had so much fun and I enjoyed every single minute.I had so much fun and I’m looking forward to see my ceramic tile.

It was a fun experience!