It’s Uke to Me! Ukulele Summative (Amazing Grace)

Here is a recording of my final product:
What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? 
The key of my Tune is C major and the Time Signature is 3/4.
What sort of rhythms are used in your song? 
 There are half notes, eighth notes, dotted half notes and quarter notes that are used in my song. 
Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to your strumming and melodic playing… 
This is my first time playing the ukulele, I had no experience with playing the it and didn’t know much about musical terminology. After watching some videos on youtube, I finally understood how music terminology is used and how to play the ukulele properly. At the beginning, my notes weren’t accurate. But as I practiced more, I have gotten better at it and now my note accuracy in my final product is the best of my ability. My rhythm’s accuracy was not as bad as I expected it to be, however there were some notes that were played for too long or some were too short. My rhythm’s accuracy was a little better than my note accuracy, because I am familiar with the song and I know how it goes. In terms of strumming, it wasn’t the best. I struggled with strumming on time because my song was at a slower tempo. I also struggled with changing my finger coordination every time I changed a note. As an result, I had to split my song into three parts and play each part separately, so I could be more aware of what I am doing.
What Ukulele skills have you acquired? 
I have learned how to hold the ukulele properly,  strum up and down, create strum patterns, learn how to play new notes such as C, F, G7, and the finger coordination of them. I had issues with learning switching the finger coordination of the new notes when playing, I found it difficult to switch notes while recording. As I would mess up the rhythm and the timing of the song.
How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? 
The song that I chose was Amazing grace. Amazing Grace is quite slow, serious, calm and solemn church hymn. So, I decided that my tempo should 72 beats a minute to keep it at a calming place and to show to the peaceful meaning of the song. Also, I was new to the ukulele and I couldn’t play the song at a faster tempo. 
 How did you use the editing tools in Garageband? Editing, cutting, flex-time, trimming… 
Garageband was very helpful and helped me made my song sound a little better. At first, I was new to garageband , I didn’t know what the editing tools were and how to use them. So, I watched some tutorials that were included in the task sheet and explored around. Eventually, I knew what to do and now I understand how to use the editing tools properly. I used the trimming tool to trim out some noises that were accidental. I also used it to trim some notes that were too long in the melody, so my melody’s rhythm was on time. I also expanded the notes that were too short.  My strumming was too loud, I wanted to make the melody a bit louder, so I adjusted the strumming to become more quiet and the melody to be more loud, so that there could be a better balance of the two. 
Discuss the recording process; did you have any concerns or issues? 
During the recording process, it was very rushed. I spent the majority of the given recording time trying to perfect my song and was exploring garageband, so I could make sure that I am doing things properly and my song could be as good as it can be. During the recording and the editing process, I had many minor issues. One of them were that I always messed up while strumming the cords. The biggest issue, however, was my time management. I spent a lot of the given time to perfect or learn how to use garageband. I ended up recording on the last day right before we ended the lesson. To improve, I will plan what I am going to do ahead and use my time more effectively. I think my usage of garageband and my knowledge that I have gained over these couple of lessons could help me next time.

Chinese Unit 2 Reflection 我爱我家

这个单元,我学会了写电邮和日记,用中文打电话,学会了些去邮局寄东。 也学会了一些词语和句型,比如由于…因此…, 好像, 为了, 如果,像… 一样等。通过这个单元的学习,让我明白了现在家人和朋友之间的交流方式已经从传统的见面延伸到了用网络邮件, 微信,Whatsapp,脸书等保持联系。

这份功课是我写的邮件。我觉得这份功课做得好因为我学会了写邮件的格式。 我选择这份功课因为我学会写邮件。

U2 T1 pg. 13

Design Paper coffee cup prototype

Over the past 2 weeks, we created paper cup prototypes during Design class. It was inspired by the Starbucks new plan for paper biodegradable coffee cups. We were given one piece of white A4 paper but no adhesives because it wouldn’t be biodegradable. We were given 15 minutes and the cups should be able to hold tiny small beads to act like water. My first prototype is a small box that can be used as a cup but it didn’t have handles. To stick my papers together, I was inspired by a paper stapler which cuts a slit into the paper and the other end would go inside it. Next time I would add handles, use color paper and make the rim even.

First prototype:

Second Prototype:                                                            




For my second prototype, instead of using white paper I used a piece of yellow coloured paper. I did the same method of sticking the paper together and I made a paper cone. I also cut my rim so they would be even. Halfway into making this prototype, I realised there was a small hole in the bottom. So, I just folded the bottom excess paper. I think the second prototype was more successful than the first one because the box had holes in it. Thank you for reading my post! 



a few months ago, our class made memoirs. A Memoir is a piece  of writing that includes a person’s perspective. Mine was about my mid term break. This is the memoir of me in Thailand.


Name: Michelle Ho          My fear that turned into a accomplishment

Date: 25/9/2017


During summer break, my Mom, Dad and I went to Thailand for a short vacation. I had been there a few times, but last time I was panicking on the parasail. But this time, we don’t have to go to the beach because we have a swimming pool in our hotel room. I felt so relieved, because on the plane I had a nightmare of falling of a jet ski. Everything was fine until, my dad brought me the fishing boat! I was panicking, I had a feeling as if my daydream was true. I was panicking inside, but I just pretended I didn’t care because so I didn’t  make it worse.            


As I walked closer to the boat, my heart was a driverless race car, the air smelt like blue cheese. While I dragged my feet by the floury sand, I saw a few fisherman with some fish. So, I thought about trying fishing again because if they can do it I can do it. So, that will make my parents proud of me. And I confidently, climbed onto the boat. As I saw myself in  a normal sized wooden boat, It was better than I expected. But there was one thing that stopped me.


I knew I wouldn’t touch the water, but I also knew that we were fishing. I used to think that it was a waste of time because I thought I wouldn’t catch any fish, but I tried anyways. About half an hour later, I heard my line running! I felt something was dragging my pole down the water. I didn’t really know how to fish so I just kept reeling and reeling and reeling. And up I saw a giant sardine! It looked liked a if a shark and a sardine had a baby.


Later, my Dad also caught the same fish. Although my Dad caught a fish, I wasn’t really surprised because he had some experience in fishing. I felt my hopes were going down to get another fish. But suddenly, there was a another fish! That fish wasn’t like the previous one, It felt more heavier. So, I just passed it on to my Dad instead of falling into the water. I felt so proud of myself even though I didn’t reel it up because I tried anyways. A few hours later, we catched a bit more fish.


Self awareness journal

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Today, I will be talking about my self awareness journal.The self awareness journal  is 3 things I was grateful for today, 2 things that you were self aware of today, and 1 strategy that helped you.It journal was from WWA ( who we are ) and the central idea was developing self awareness can build character and healthy relationships. It relates to our unit because we can see how self aware we are and how to improve.Here are 2 self awareness journals.

 Self Awareness journal  4/9/2017

3 things I am grateful for today :

  • I am grateful for trees because if there are no trees it will be hard to breathe and there will be no tissues and paper.
  • I am also grateful for safety because If things are not safe then, we won’t survive for long.
  • I am grateful for electricity because not all people have electricity and we use electricity in everyday life.

2 things I am self aware of today:

  • Today dog kept annoying me while I was watching Tv and I wanted to push her in the crate but instead I put her in the crate.
  • I am self aware of what I’m eating because I have been eating the same thing for lunch for a long time, and If I eat too much I won’t be balanced.

A strategy that helped me with self awareness-

Always think twice before you do anything

 Self Awareness journal 5/9/2017

3 things I am grateful for today :

  • I am grateful for dogs because they make me happy.
  • I am also grateful for food everywhere because After school I was really hungry so there was a orange sitting on my table that I didn’t notice.
  • I am very thankful that I have PA at least once a week because I really enjoy it and I really enjoy it more than other subjects.


2 things I am self aware of today:

  • I am self aware of myself and others. My friend were arguing and I tried to change the subject.
  • I am also self aware of my strengths and my weaknesses because in dance my teacher told me to lift my leg higher but i can’t because it is too high. Instead of breaking my leg, i told my teacher that it’s my maximum.

What helped me today with self awareness :

What helped me today is thinking about what will affect Me because It will change my relationships with other people

I have learned how to be more self aware after doing this. When I see the first and the second one I felt I had a big change. I was never this self aware before. But I want to improve on time management because some days I had to do two. Thank you for reading!

What I did this week ( September 2-8 )

Hi, welcome back to my blog. Today I will be talking about what I did this week. From Monday to Wednesday, we had MAP ( Measures of Academic Progress) tests. We need to do MAP tests because our teacher needs to know what to teach and what is our level. The tests were Reading, Language and Math.

We also did a Math Checkpoint, it includes input/output, divisibility rules and  patterns. I forgot the divisibility rule for 4, so I didn’t write anything in the venn diagram. This week is the first Book Club week. On Wednesday, we met in our groups and discussed how many chapters to read. Later on Friday, we had our first proper book club. We discussed about our books and ate snacks.

Back in Wednesday, we had a PE class with 6B because we had MAP test during the actual PE time and that was our make-up class. Although I got hit hit in the face 5 times during dodgeball, I was happy because most of my friends are in 6B and I am often by myself during class.

My class also made a video for Curriculum nighT. In little groups, we showed how we do things in class. The groups were UOI ( Unit of Inquiry ), Grateful Board, Class name and other groups. Our theme was behind the scenes.Thanks for reading my blog : )