Project Genesis Mashup

Explain the step by step process of this assignment…

This assignment was not difficult but was time consuming. Our goal at the end of this assignment is to create a mashup that includes 4 songs. The final result should flow well and I have used the knowledge I have gained to sure that. First, I had to research what a mashup was. A mashup is a form of music that includes 1 or more pre-recorded songs and is layered on top of an instrumental track. I have listened to a few mashups on youtube for inspiration for mine. I have recognized a few trends or patterns. For example, the chorus of the songs is usually played most because there isn’t enough time to fit in 4 full songs. Although I have gotten an understanding of what a mashup is, I still wanted to know how to make one. I wanted to know what makes a mashup unique and how it can include many styles/genres of music. I have started my proposal where I have set goals for myself. It has helped me keep the skills that I have learned from the previous assignments in mind.
Afterwards, I have started researching about mashups and the different techniques that are required. I have have used a variety of resources, such as youtube tutorials and music websites. I recorded my research on the research form given to help me remember the skills I need to use. I have gone back to this form a few times to help me make sure my work is done as best as I can. To start my editing process, I uploaded all 4 of my songs and converted them into mp3 audio files. I used the website “youtube to mp3”, this helps me directly convert them from youtube. I also uploaded an instrumental track of one of those 4 songs to make sure that there is a common instrumental piece. This way, all the different songs will sound similar. Next, I made sure all the songs had a common bpm. This makes sure that all tracks are on time, therefore making them flow better. To make this happen, I had to find the tempo of each track of the song, enabled flex time, made sure it followed the tempo and pitch, and finally changed the bpm where all of the tracks are not fast or slow.

After this step was completed, I have copied and pasted the vocal tracks overlapping different parts of the instrumental tracks. I have 2 pop artists, 1 indie artist, and 1 rap artist. I overlapped 1 pop song with the indie song and the rap song with the other pop song. My tracks will have similar genres and will sound similar. I have also downloaded an additional instrumental track for one of my pop songs, the beats helped transition the tracks. When this step is completed, I have used the audio adjusting tool. This makes me able to adjust the audio parts of tracks to be quieter or louder. I made the end of the tracks quieter as time progressed to ensure a smooth transition. During the previous steps of my cutting and pasting, I have listened to my mashup for any mistakes or if something needs to be added. After I am satisfied with my work, I uploaded the final piece of work into an mp4 piece of audio.

What happened next was the main editing process of the mashup, I have cut and pasted different parts of the tracks and matched it to the instrumental tracks. I have layered different vocal tracks on top of each other, this makes it sound like more than one person is singing. One of my songs is by Ariana Grande, her vocalizing is what makes her songs unique. I have put a few parts of her vocalizing throughout the entire song to add more expression and to make it more dramatic.

Assess your success against your assessable criteria from your proposal…

After reading my proposal and completing the assessment, I think that I had a clear understanding of what to do and the different techniques I could have used. I have created goals for myself and I think that at the end of the assignment, I have achieved those goals. I used pre-recorded songs that are completely different styles/genres. Each one has a different pitch and tone. Despite the style difference, I am confident to say that my mashup flows well and doesn’t sound like individual songs played after each other. I have gained a  lot of knowledge throughout the entire unit and used some of them in this assignment. Also, I have ensured that the songs have a common bpm to make sure the mashup flows.

Evaluate your learning and new skills acquired.

Throughout this entire unit, I have learned a lot more about garage band than I did last year. I have learned how to use apple loops, use different plugins, use digital instruments, and create a common bpm for mashups. These skills have helped me become successful when creating this and previous assignments. I have gained more knowledge and is confident when using garage band to create pieces of music and audio. This assignment was not difficult but also wasn’t easy to complete. I have learned the needed skills to create a mashup but I am completely new to Mashups.

What challenges did you face and overcome.

This Mashup assignment was not as hard as I thought it would be, however during the process, I had some issues with the finding which parts of the tracks I should match each other. The Songs I have picked have different styles and genres, it was difficult mashing those together because they would have different tempos. But after I converted them into a common bpm, it was a lot easier to mash together. I have done this step to the best of my ability.

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